We have all noticed that the book page decor trend is very popular in the last few years and is still going strong. It is obvious that everyone has discovered the versatility and beauty of text on a book page. Whether your decor is classic, contemporary or vintage, book pages are a great staple and can be done up in so many styles. Also, they are a simple, affordable and a beautiful supply to use in art and craft projects. We’ve found top ten amazing  ways to decorate your home with old, vintage book pages. Now, with these wonderful ideas it is a good time to pull out a few of the books which collect dust on the shelves! Make some of these projects…we promise that all will be perfect “textural” addition to your winter living room!

Rolled Book Page Wreath

ways-decoration-book-pages_01DIY Tutorial via brassyapple.com

Book Page Flowers (Tutorial)

ways-decoration-book-pages_02DIY Tutorial via sundaybaker.net

Book Page Feathers

ways-decoration-book-pages_03DIY Tutorial via homestoriesatoz.com

Gift Card Wrapping

ways-decoration-book-pages_04DIY Tutorial via alisaburke.blogspot.com

DIY Wall of Book Pages

ways-decoration-book-pages_05DIY Tutorial via awelldressedhome.com

DIY Specimen Jars

ways-decoration-book-pages_06DIY Tutorial via theidearoom.net

DIY Gift Christmas Wrapping

ways-decoration-book-pages_07DIY Tutorial via alisaburke.blogspot.com

DIY Vase Update

ways-decoration-book-pages_08DIY Tutorial via theidearoom.net

Vintage Paper Christmas Ornament

ways-decoration-book-pages_09DIY Tutorial via musingsofabrisbanite.blogspot.com.au

Vintage Dictionary Prints

ways-decoration-book-pages_10DIY Tutorial via simplykellyb.com