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Top 10 DIY Ways To Recycle Mason Jars

Since our homes are sometimes one huge mess, we are constantly looking for ways to make our life easier and more organized, and DIY projects are perfect for that. Mason jars are all the rage when it comes to DIY projects. Although they are available at the dollar store for when we need to store food or bathroom supplies, they can also be used as drinking cups as well. However, decorating also takes part when it comes to mason jars, as they can be used as candle holders, vases, picture frames, etc. They are also perfect for organizing parties because this way no one has to do crazy bar-tending plus looks cute and pretty.

What’s also amazing about them is that they save you a lot of time and money, and yet still give you something unique and interesting in your home that will draw attention. Speaking of drawing attention, decorating your home and garden with mason jars is definitely something to consider.

As we said, mason jars have a lot of purposes, and in this article, we’ll show you the top 10 recycle uses of mason jars. Check out these 10 inspiring DIY ideas for repurposing mason jars. We are certain that if you try them out you will fall in love!

Outdoor Lighting


Among the many purposes, today’s creative society has found for mason jars is a lighting solar “lantern” you can use in your backyard for your evening get-togethers or solo relaxations. The best thing is that you don’t need to waste a bunch of time and materials to make it.

Sewing Kit


If you’re someone who doesn’t mind stitching and doesn’t run to the tailor for every tear and lost button, chances are you keep your sewing materials in an old Danish cookie box (like the rest of the world). The thing is, no matter how much we’re used to seeing a sewing kit whenever we open it, there’s always a bit of hope to find something else there. Well, this tutorial makes sure your sewing kit looks just as sweet without the cookie temptation getting in the way. If you’re interested in creating something like this, check it out.

Picture Frame


Remember back in the days when all we used to gift each other for birthdays were picture frames and photo albums? As many photos as we may have, it has become a bit dull, if we’re being honest. Well, why not set aside the regular picture frames and take out your dusty mason jars you didn’t know what to use for? Add a bit more creativity to your home and turn them into a place for your most precious memories.

Bathroom Organizer


Anyone who is obsessed with bathroom decorations has at least one mason jar in their bathroom. What’s great about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use them for pretty much anything. Try out this tutorial to find out how to repurpose an ordinary mason jar into a container for your bathroom supplies in just a few simple steps and your place of hygiene will get an even fresher look.

Jar Vase


Some of the most frequent uses for mason jars are vases. All you need is a clean jar, some water, and some fresh flowers to bring beauty into your home. But if you’re interested in making these vases even more appealing, adding a bit of lace would be a great idea. Simply follow the steps from this tutorial and you’ll be done long before your flowers start to wither.

Painted Jar Planters


Did you like the vase idea, but you were more interested in finding a few places to put your planted flowers in? Simply replace water with some ground and you’re done; and if you have a bit more time, this tutorial will give you an idea on how to paint your newly created planters.

Snow Globe


Even though summer is right around the corner, seeing this mason jar-turned-snow globe is making us bookmark this tutorial, and look forward to using it as soon as the holiday season approaches. Or if patience isn’t your best trait, you can always substitute snow glitter with sand and make your own mini beach in your living room.



This is just another great idea you can bring a bit more light into your home and soul. This is a fairly simple project you can make on your own, but for safety’s sake, the author of this tutorial suggests having an electrician install them in case you’re not one.

Kitchen Organizer


This is probably one of the most needed uses for mason jars, because, let’s face it, whose spice rack or drawer isn’t a complete mess? It’s not only not color coordinated and takes you forever to find the right spice, but the caps tend to stop closing after multiple uses and you end up with a not-so-pleasant rainbow of spices to clean. That’s not the case with mini mason jars. So, if you want to put a stop to messy and unorganized spice drawers, this tutorial is the right one for you.

Soap Dispenser


Did you like the bathroom organizer tutorial? Interested in adding another mason jar for your liquid soap? The author of this tutorial and we got your back. Only a few simple steps stand in your way of making your bathroom a mason jar sanctuary you’ll admire for a long time.


That’s it for today’s mason jar article, fellow organizers and decorators. We hope we’ve inspired you to recreate some of these tutorials or come up with something even more innovative. If so, please don’t hesitate you share your new creations with us in the comments below.

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