Growing your own fruit trees is one of the most efficient forms of gardening. After the trees are established you will most probably have an abundant supply of delicious fruits for decades. This is not very demanding job. All you need to do is a little pruning, watering during the dry season and keeping the pests away.

It is definitely worthed just for the amazing taste of home grown fruits. Check out this list of 10 easy to grow choices.


1. Peach



Peach trees don’t only offer us tasty fruits with juicy flesh but their blooming also adds beautiful color to the landscape. Most peach trees are self-fertile. That means you don’t have to plant more then one tree. There are also varieties which don’t need much space and are perfect for container growth.

2. Plum



Plum trees are super easy to grow and will normally give you a huge amount of fruit. Fruit will be ripe early in the season, lasting over a two-week period. This is great for you not to be overwhelmed with all the fruits being ready at the same time. To have self-fertile tree, plant Opal plum variety.

3. Apple



Apples are tasty fresh but they are also amazing in pies. There is so many apple tree varieties, that you can find one for every size of garden and almost all the tastes. If possible then choose two varieties that will pollinate one another. Well established apple tree in your garden can be a real asset.

4. Cherry



Cherry tree is another tree that will, besides delicious fruits, bring a lot of beauty into your garden when blooming. Sour cherries are self-fertile and perfect for pie baking but if you want regular cherries you will also have to plant a pollinating partner. Make sure to protect your crop from birds.

5. Fig



Fig trees are one of the easiest fruits to grow and they are self-pollinating. They are also great for containers because they crop best when their roots are restricted. Figs need to be grown against a hot, sunny south/west facing wall. Pruning is very recommended.

6. Pear



Delicious pears can be a real gift to any garden. Fresh ripe fruits are nothing like the ones bought in store. You’ll get the best harvest by planting more than one pear tree for cross pollination. There are also dwarf pear trees that will grow from 6 to 10 feet tall

7. Apricot



Apricot trees are medium size, but you can also find smaller varieties. It is possible to find self-pollinating varieties but most of them need a partner for cross pollination. If you live In a colder zone it is better to choose variety that will flower later.

8. Lemon



Fresh lemons are great asset to many dishes or perfect ingredient for healthy refreshing drink. Some varieties will last for months on the tree. They are also great choice for container growth. That way you can bring them inside during the coldest period of the year.

9. Mandarin



Mandarin trees are actually hardier than standard orange trees. Besides tasty and bright fruits you will also get a plant with a beautiful deep green leaves and fragrant blooms. If you are living in colder zones it is better to choose varieties appropriate for container growth.

10 Persimmon



To still have some delicious fresh fruits in your garden during late autumn months you can plant Persimmon tree. Some call this amazing fruit “food of the gods” but be sure not to eat it before it is completely ripe. Persimmons are not self-fertile so you will need two trees for fruit production.