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Top 10 Eco-Friendly DIY Bird Feeders

They’ve been with us during spring and summer, giving us the joy of their songs, making our days more cheerful and less stressful. But now with winter coming, their song is slowly quieting down and they start their fight for survival.

We often neglect those wonderful creatures during the winter months, and yes, we are talking about the wild birds. Now we encourage you to find it in your hearts to repay the gift of their songs at least in a small way. By making some of these top 10 DIY bird feeders, you can help the birds get trough the winter and at the same time help the environment by using recyclable materials.

Sisal Rope Bird Feeder


As we mentioned above, winter has got birds on the ropes. But you can tip the scales in their favor by using some ropes to ensure they get the proper nutrition whenever they need. Hang it high!

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


Wine bottles are a nuisance as a waste material for those of us that frequently enjoy a glass (or few) in the evening. On the other hand, they are perfect for purposes just like this. So, make sure you don’t bottle it, and let those birdies grab a peck.

Tin Can


Calling something ‘a tin can’ is usually a derogatory term. But the little chirpers couldn’t care less. In fact, they would be overjoyed to see food just waiting for them. To them, it might as well be a five-star hotel.

DIY Hummingbird Feeder


And if that hummingbird don’t sing, it’s probably because it’s hungry or dehydrated. Luckily, a solution is at hand. Or in this case, at beak. They may be small and with a shorter attention span than a politician after an election, but you can be sure they’ll be grateful.

Acorn Bird Feeder Tutorial


Yes, it’s true that acorns are known as the preferred dietary staple for wild boars (apart for being the seeds oaks sprout from). Nevertheless, they also have a special place in the hearts of birds, and their size means that you could use a bigger mesh.

Make A Mason Jar Bird Feeder


Like wine bottles, mason jars are yet another thing that generates a whole lot of waste, but is still extremely useful when repurposed. So, make sure you follow that tradition and this environment friendly example.

Orange Cup Bird Feeders


Oranges might be notorious for having very few things that rhyme with them, but they are still quite handy when it comes to serving as bird feeders. If you don’t believe us, it’s simple enough to try and see for yourselves.

Monkey Bird Feeder made with Soda Bottles & Lots of Love


Well, isn’t this the coolest monkey in the jungle? It only takes a couple of redesigned soda bottles and a little smile to turn nothing into something magical and adorable. Just remember to put seeds in it, not bananas.

How to: Homemade Bird Feeder


Polly wants a cracker? Why not. This is a tremendous example of food and foodstuffs being put to use as edible and bio-degradable materials for something that may save lives. Get cracking!

DIY Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot


What could have been a discarded plant pot for you may well be a pot of gold for some poor little wing flapper. Don’t worry, this one requires very little work, but offers high rewards.

And there you have it. We hope to have given you more than a few ways to feed two birds with one stone. What would you say to what you just saw? Are there any ideas you would improve? Don’t be shy, that’s what the comments are for. We really want to know what your thoughts are.


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