What’s worse than acne!? Anytime a pimple pops up out of nowhere it totally ruins your day. It’s a problem that as many as 85% of teenagers struggle with, as well as many adults. Getting clear and blemish free skin is one of the top priorities for girls who are conscious about the way they look. If you want clear skin 24/7, first rule is to stay hydrated and drink more room temperature water. But to keep your complexion looking its best 365 days a year follow the tips below. They will tell you in detail how to get clear skin!

Wash Your Face Regularly (Every Morning and Evening)


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Consume Anti-Acne Foods


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Avoid Touching Your Face


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Use an Oil-Free Face Wash that Contains Salicylic Acid (On a Daily Base)


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After Washing Your Face with your Facial Cleanser, Use a Moisturizer


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Reach for the Right (Oil-Free) Foundation


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Clean Makeup Brushes at Least Once Every Two Weeks


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Remove Make-Up Properly Before Going to Bed


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Apply Tea-Tree Oil on the Affected Parts (2-3 Times in a Day)


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Use DIY Honey and Cinnamon Mask (Once in a Week)


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