Christmas is almost here and we are all waiting for this magical day. On this day, everything is ravishingly beautiful, the people are happy and united. We all know that Christmas is the most celebrated Christian holiday of all and it bring only joy and happiness in your home and to your family. On this holiday everyone wants to have a delicious and full dinner table, but in the end you have to think about what kind of dessert you’ll serve. Because of that, we somehow made a list of top 10 enchantingly good Christmas cake ideas, full of different fruits, chocolate and nuts. Just take our advice and try some of these fantastic Christmas cake recipes that we prepared especially for you. And, we are always curious, which recipe did you like the most?

Red Velvet Christmas Cake

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Christmas Tree Coffee Cake

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Gluten Free Christmas Cake

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Marzipan Frosted Christmas Cake

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Rainbow Christmas Wreath

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Down Under Christmas Cake

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Whimsical Eggnog Christmas Cake

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Christmas Cassata

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Pomegranate Christmas Cake

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Japanese Christmas Cake

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