Busy and stressful working hours can make you feel tired, like you haven’t been sleeping for hours. The main reason why this is happening to you is because you didn’t get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients in the morning, before you left the house. Actually, all you need is a healthy smoothie for a fresh start of the day, because that’s the miraculous drink that will keep you energized for more than 6 hours. Just for you we’ve gathered 10 energy boosting smoothie recipes that are refreshing and vitamin-packed options at the same time. Check out and try some of our suggestions…we’re pretty sure that you’ll never ever go to work without a smoothie in your stomach!

Lush Cherry and Coconut Smoothie

We’re starting the countdown with a refreshing smoothie recipe! This ultra delicious idea is a mixture of cherries and coconuts which are well-known energy boosters that will make your tummy full during the whole morning. For a better taste you can put some almonds in it…sounds yummy?!


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Apple and Kiwi Smoothie

The second shake comes straightly from fooditus kitchen! Apple and Kiwi Smoothie is a great antioxidant drink full with vitamin C. Beside the fact that it’ll make you energized for a long period of time, the whole amount of vitamins here will protect you from flu and colds during the winter and spring months!


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Smoothie with Berries

Is there anything that can be more delicious than a glass full with different kinds of berries?! We don’t think so! So, if you want a proof for our constitution, this smoothie with berries, orange, vanilla extract, apple juice and chia seed will make you believe us! Try it and enjoy in different flavors!


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Red And Green Festive Smoothie

If you’re feeling exhausted and with a lack of energy during the long working hours, then stop with all activities and make our smoothie suggestion. The combination of kale, pomegranate, cranberries and pear will give you the strength and power to survive the rest of the day!


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Strawberry Spinach Smoothies Recipe

If you think that smoothie which contains spinach can’t be tasty, with the recipe on the link below we’re proving that you’re wrong. The key ingredient that makes this shake dangerously delicious is a famous fruit that we all adore – strawberry. Prepare it at home and let us know if all we’ve said is true.


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Energy Boost Fruit Smoothie

Here is one real energy booster! Perfect for mornings when you know that you’ll have a long and busy day in the office, this simple mixture of banana, pineapple, orange, raspberry and almond milk will full you with vitamins and proteins that you need! Not to mention the amazing taste that will make you to crave for more and more…


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Kiwi & Green Tea Smoothie

Green smoothies are famous antioxidants and energy sources and that’s the main reason why we have this kiwi and green tea smoothie here. Make it for a fresh start of the day or have it as a snake. It doesn’t matter which option you’ll choose, just take care to drink it right after it’s prepared.


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Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Mmmm, who can resist on the taste full with flavors of banana and peanut butter?! Delicious as a dessert, but healthy as a vitamin shake, this oatmeal smoothie will definitely transform you in addict…ones you try it, you’ll always want it more and more!


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Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothies

Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie is a perfect drink for pre-working hours. Rich and creamy taste with a great dose of healthy nutrients is the real deal for all of you!


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Fruit and Veggie Smoothie

It’s time for closing the list! We’ve wanted something very tempting for the finish of our collection, so that’s why this mix of fruits and veggies is here. There are no more words that left to be said, just check out the recipe on the link below and you’ll be sure that this is the real perfect ending!


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