We all know that make-up is best friend for most of the women around the world, and some of us can’t picture themselves not wearing it.

But the first thing  people usually notice about your appearance, are the eyes. Eye make-up can really change the way you look, open your eyes and brighten the face.

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The mascara is very important, it makes our lashes look so much  longer and fuller, the eyeshadow can help you manipulate your eye shape and change it, and the pencils can elongate the eyes. So make sure you give your best while applying eye make-up, and we’ll make that easier and more interesting for you, by following this effective tricks bellow. Enjoy!

Find Your Eye Shape 

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Home-made Eye Primer

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The Benefits of White Eyeshadow

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Baby Powder on the Eyelashes Before Mascara

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Heat the Lash Curler With Blow Dryer

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Double Liner For Sophisticated Look

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Use Tweezers to Separate the Lashes

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Use Scotch Tape to Shape the Eye Shadow

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Cut the Eyelashes to Half for Natural Look

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Hairspray to Set the Eyebrows

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