Eyes are the mirror of our soul and that’s why we’re always doing our best to make them look more flawless and more beautiful.  There’s only one eye look that never goes out of style and it’s very versatile, so you can wear it for every occasion, as a natural daily look or for a girl night out with your friends…you already know, we’re talking for a classic eyeliner look!

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Probably, like every normal girl you’re wearing every day the same old eyeliner style that you’ve practiced so well, but there are no more excuses for doing that because here is a list of 10 eyeliner tutorials which will help you to learn different, outrageous ways to use this essential makeup tool. Take a look at our collection of the best eyeliner tutorials and we’re sure that you’ll need a steady hand and a good mirror!

Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via trusper.com

Eye Enlarging Makeup


Tutorial via imgur.com

Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via beautylish.com

Seductive Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via theberry.com

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via weheartit.com

Soft Natural Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via beautylish.com

Natural Eyeliner Look Tutorial


Tutorial via mowmikasia.tumblr.com

Cat Eyes Tutorial


Tutorial via Chrysalis

Neutral Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via longhairstyleshowto.com

Elegant Eyeliner Tutorial


Tutorial via fashionandhappify.info