When it comes to fall makeup, you can use more darker colors, mysterious looks, every type of smoky eyes, dark lips, darker blushes and everything that reminds of autumn. Today we present you the top 10 brown smoky eyes tutorials that are just universal, for every eye shape, color, or type of taste. The colors are neutral, they blend beautifully with the skin and are great for those who want to use more earth colors to their eyes. We have different suggestions, daily looks, more daring ones, for special occasions, for night out, or the ones that scream natural and beautiful. What ever you are looking for, this looks will just help you a lot when it comes to brown smoky eyes. Give them a chance and we assure you that you won’t be wrong. Enjoy the makeup looks!

Natural Smoky


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This look is for the ones that are looking for a natural look that has minimum amount of makeup, makes the eyes pop but is just not too much. You can wear it with darker lips or with some neutral lip color, to give your face fresh and “no makeup” makeup look.

Goldish Brown Look


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A little pop of color with the help of the gold eyeshadow that is great for the fall season. The light shadow in the inner corner is opening the eyes and gives you amazing natural results.

Dark Brown


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This darker smoky eye look can be achieved with dark brow shadow, and can be worn as a night makeup, or the ones that are little more bold, they can rock in the day light.

Glamorous Smoky Eyes


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Beautiful glamorous makeup,  that can suit brown, green or blue eyes the same way, because the brown tones adapt to every skin color. The black eyeliner, the shimmer and the false lashes just give an amazing finish to this look.

Deep Brown Smoky


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Just follow the instructions written on the picture and you can’t go wrong.

Crease Smoky


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Apply the brown eyeshadow only to the crease and to the lower lash line to make the eye look bigger, white eyeshadow to the lid, and the finish with white eyeliner on the waterline.

All-over Lid Smoky


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This look is very easy to re-create because you only need one shade of brown eyeshadow, and you apply it on to the whole lid and lower lash line.

Daytime Smoky Look


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Follow the steps of the picture to get this amazing yet simple look, that is great for daytime. Bled the brow eyeshadow to the eyelid and finish the look with black eye liner and mascara.

Smoky With Sparkly Touch


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This is one of the most beautiful smoky eye looks. The nacre eyeshadow is complimenting the eyes so beautiful and makes them mysterious and dazzling.

Light Brown Shadow


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If you want the lighter brown shades, give a try to this beautiful tutorial, easy to re-create and gorgeous to wear. Although it is brown shades, it still makes the eye brighter because it blends with the natural skin color.