A crisp, crunchy crust and slightly chewy center make this bread the best in the world. You can find and buy this kind of bread anywhere you want. It is already spread across the whole planet, and it has millions of admirers, and I am one of them, for sure. I know that you love it too and I think that the appetizers prepared with this kind of bread are the tastiest.  You can make all kinds of appetizers with all kinds of ingredients, and of course all goes on the top of the French bread. This bread makes everything so perfect. So I have made for you a fantastic list of top 10 appetizers with French bread. These recipes are easy to make at your home, so surprise everyone, and have a good meal!

Artichoke Bruschetta

7e3b979435b0c2c077fafa8d64056a61Recipe via the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Loaded Cheesy French Bread

8fa0ba0e2e7cb430849faf351b9bd98aRecipe via favfamilyrecipes.com

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Crostini

cd6762f578cfba23b80d0c17e7431607Recipe via bettycrocker.com

Deviled Crab Puffs

b4626728b1d264e77c08105d42f273dbRecipe via  pillsbury.com

Classic Bruschetta

abb8368074d9df2ff59220bf22408f96Recipe via amazingappetizerrecipes.com

 Goat Cheese & Tart Apple on French Bread

19f47aa65ef53371c9ee71c9973fc44fRecipe via food.com

Spinach-and-Parmesan Crostini

12c6aa5a107c1b9c2cece85fa6630cdeRecipe via myrecipes.com

Cheesy French Onion Soup Bread with Olive Oil

36d907076f80222733f7f97b9d609a50Recipe via shakentogetherlife.com

Open Face Ham and Brie Sandwich

7e3b979435b0c2c077fafa8d64056a61Recipe via sheknows.com

Avocado Prosciutto Crostini

3700adbc93b9800f91f7e191fe8f118eRecipe via whatsgabycooking.com