We’ve all have seen so many breathtaking white sand beach all around the world, but today the black sand beaches are becoming more and more popular. There aren’t as many as the white sands, but these are equally worth the visit.

The black sand beaches are formed as a result of a volcanic reaction and most often they’re found exactly on a volcano islands, such as the Hawaiian or the Iceland. These beaches are a truly wonderful experience, so make sure to place at least of the on your bucket list.

1. Punalu’u Black Sands Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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The Punalu’u black sand beach is located between the small town of Naalehu and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and got it’s black color small pitch-black fragments of lava. It represents such a nice contrast between the green rows of palms and the ocean. In summer, the sand can get really hot so it’s nice to situate yourself under the cocoa palms and when it comes to swimming, here you should be very careful as sometimes the currents are too strong.

2. Karekare Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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The Karekare beach is located about 50 minutes from downtown Auckland, between the villages of Piha and Whatipu on the west coast of New Zealand. The beach got its media attention in 1993 from the Oscar winning movie The Piano and ever since it is one of the most visited destinations in the country. The Karekare beach is also a popular surf spot, so if you’re a fan of surfing with a wanderlust, visiting this beach would be a total combo.

3. Perissa Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Imagine being on one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and you come up to the place known as Perissa, where there is a black sand beach, in contrast to the turquoise blue waters. Perissa, the same called village is just 13 km away from the island’s capital Fira and offers everything you could possibly ask for the best Greek holiday – beaches and sea, nature surrounding you, chapels and churches, bars and clubs.

4. Stokksness Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Iceland is known for its breathtaking nature and it never stops fascinating us. The Stokksness beach or as you can also find it as Vestrahorn beach, is located right next to the Vestrahorn Mountain, where the black sand forms dunes, making the whole place even more beautiful. Depending on the weather, there can be a great reflection, as many of the most famous photos of this place captured those moments.

5. Reynisfjara Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Reynisfjara Beach is located near the village of Vik on the south coast of Iceland. For many, this is the coolest beach you can find in the country and it’s easy to see why. Just like the Stokksness beach has its dune, the Reynisfjara has its cool rock formations, known as Hálsanef. When visiting the area, you should be very careful, as the waves can get really high and strong! Driving down to the beach isn’t allowed, so park it on the lot.

6. Riviere Cyrique

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Located on the Southeast coast of Dominica, the Riviere Cyrique has such a fascinating nature. Waterfalls, turquoise waters and black sand beach all in one – it can’t get any more picturesque than this! The waterfalls are known as the Wavine Falls that are cascading from 130 feet off the cliff directly into the ocean. This is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the nature for the beauty that it is.

7. El Bollullo Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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The El Bollullo beach is located near Puerto de la Cruz in the north west of Tenerife. It is surrounded with cliffs and volcano plants that make the whole place even more breathtaking. The beach offers quiet and relaxing times there, as there aren’t any bars or clubs near by – just a snack bar located right on the beach. The water is amazing for swimming and surfing too, as there are fierce currents sometimes, making the water great for surfing.

8. Anse Couleuvre

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Martinique is a Caribbean island that represent an oversea region of France. Even though the culture is widely influenced by the French, the tropical beauty of the island is truly Caribbean. It has plenty of white sand beaches and among all of them, there are two black sand beaches too. They’re known as Anse Couleuvre and Anse Noire and what makes these beaches even more fascinating is the contrasting, crystal clear water and the green nature surrounding them.

9. Stromboli Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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Here’s an Italian nature beauty on the list! The Stromboli beach is located the Stromboli Island, which is one of the seven Aeolian Islands, situated north of Sicily. It is a small volcano island that the main attraction are exactly the black sand beaches. Stromboli has few villages as well that will welcome you with their typical Mediterranean architecture and food as well!

10. Wai’anapanapa Beach

Top 10 Fascinating Black Sand Beaches Around the World

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It’s Hawaii again! The islands always have something more to show and we absolutely love it. This time we have the Waianapanapa black sand beach that is situated in the Wainapanapa State Park, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The whole coastline is breathtaking and many legends are connected to this place – according to some of them, the beach is sacred place! So, if you have the opportunity to visit Maui, put this beach on your bucket list.