Top 10 Fashion Pieces You Must Have For The Summer 2016

Summer season is the perfect opportunity to combine fashion and the bronze tan which you will achieve while you are on vacation. When it is summer season light colors are always in. Light in a combination with neon and intense colors are the perfect match for every summer.

Summer is the season for sandals, dresses and skirts. There are many trends which appeared seasons ago but with their small changes they are trendy and in nowadays as well. With their small changes they look almost the same but still they give a totally different image this new fashion outfits. Directly from the fashion runways to the streets we are presenting you the best ten outfits which you must have this season.

1. White Shirt Dress



Dresses which look alike longer shirts are in this summer season. This lovely fashion piece is seen almost every day on every street. Every single girls just love this type of dress. The fact that is so comfort for the summer high temperatures is also an advantage plus to be present at the top 10 pieces you must have in your wardrobe this summer season.

2. Army Green Top



Army green has been present on the fashion runways this whole past year and it is still at the big game. All of the fashion bloggers and designers are in love with this amazing ground color. It is very easy to be combined with all of the nudes colors and  also with white, gold and black. This color is a super match with the lovely summer bronze tan.

3. Lace-up Shoes



Sandals are the women’s most favorite heeled shoes for the summer season. They are easy to wear even easier to combine and super stylish as well. This summer season the most stylish sandals are the lace-up heels sandals. They look so chic, elegant and beautiful. So easy to combine them with jeans, skirts and even with dresses.

4. Over Sized Top and Shorts



Over sized tops, shirts and t-shirts are really in this summer season. Every kind of these fashion pieces are so popular and they are a perfect combination with the jeans shorts. Like on the photo above every single famous person at least once picked this outfit. So casual and light it is a perfect combination for the daily walks or maybe for the casual shopping or a coffee with friends.

6. Floral Pants



Floral design is in every summer season so on this one as well. Floral design is modern in every combination, and it is very easy to match this design with other colors. Simply follow the rule match the color of the flowers with the top or with the shoes and you won’t have any problems while combining the clothes. Floral design might be seen as a trousers, as a shorts, as a dresses or maybe as a skirts.

7. Striped Outfit



Stripped fashion pieces are always in during the summer season. This unique fashion design in famous since the last century and it will never fade according to us. The stripped design is famous this summer season in black and white, white and blue, white and pink combination and many shades more. You can find tops, t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and even bags with stripped design. This is very easy to be combined with other fashion detail which will result with an amazing fashion outfit.

8. Off-Shoulder



Off-shoulder tops and dresses are so famous this summer season. They came back from the last century and they are so famous this last year so every fashion blogger or famous star in Hollywood already picked an outfit with this style. This super modern style gives elegance and grace to every outfit no matter if there are jeans or sneakers included. With heels it will make a perfect outfit for the night dates and with flats it will be a perfect pick for the daily dates.

9. Maxi Skirt



Maxi skirts and dresses are in during the summers seasons since two years ago. Maxi skirts are so comfortable to wear so every girl would love this summer trend. They are really easy to be combined with casual tops. They look cool ether way with flats or with heels. This elegant skirts are a perfect choice for the daily dates or coffees with friends.

10. White Ripped Jeans



Ripped jeans are a perfect fashion piece to have in your closet for this summer season. Totally in almost in every color but still the best choice for this summer season are the white ones. This jeans are so perfect for a great street style outfit. You can combine them with heels but also with sneakers and flats. You can mix elegance and street style just by combining the best choice of top and heels to finish this outfit with the lovely white ripped jeans.

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