When we say Mardi Gras we usually think of the New Orleans carnival, but actually Mardi Gras refers to the celebrations before the beginning of the Lenten season or the 40 days of fasting before Easter Day according to most Christian denominations.


The New Orleans carnival is probably the most famous of all Mardi Gras carnivals which this year began on 15th February and will conclude on 4th March. If you are not able to attend the Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, you can still be a part of the festival madness by incorporating the Mardi Gras colors in your makeup with the help of our top 10 Mardi Gras make up tutorials. The Mardi Gras colors are purple for justice, gold for power and green for faith.

Gold Dominated Makeup With A Touch Of White

The domination of the yellowish gold color make your eyes pop framed by the darker purple and green colors and he little white color on the top softens the whole look.


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Subtle Mardi Gras Makeup

You can wear this makeup almost any day. The Mardi Gras colors blend together, starting with black and green above the eyelid crease that flow into the purple, leaving you with a subtle dark to tone dark makeup which is balanced by the gold eyeliner.


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Fun Horizontal Mardi Gras Makeup With Glitter

With this makeup the three Mardi Gras color are clearly distinguished, yet done in a way that gives your eye a sexy curve and the green glitter covering the eyeliner gives it a fun festive touch.


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Mardi Gras Coloring Mix Makeup

This is the makeup for you if you like coloring. You put green at the top and bottom of the eye and above the crease, gold on the eyelid and you finish it with a purple curve line, top and bottom on the corner of eye to give it a upward tilt.


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Neon Mardi Gras Makeup

A bright neon makeup, with striking yellow in the middle of the eyelid, framed by bright green at both corners and a darker shade of purple above the crease of the eyelid.


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Flowing Mardi Gras Makeup

A lovely makeup where the colors look like they flow from your eyes to the sides, A complicated yet wonderful blending of purple, green and ble hues that are only accented by a line of bright yellow above the eyelid.
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Bright Mardi Gras Color Blend

Playful blend of green and yellowish gold colors on the eyelid, framed with the brighter yellow color above the eyelid crease and with the dark purple on the waterline below the eye.


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Glitter Mardi Gras Makeup

A vertical blending of the colors, starting with yellow on the inner lid, then a touch of green in the middle, followed by a larger section of purple and black, all framed with a black eyeliner.


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Pearls And Curls Mardi Gras Makeup

Almost like a painted mask, with yellow at the inner lid, followed by light and dark blue with purple above the eyelid crease, but all that is shadowed by the curves of gold and turquoise at the corner of the eye and the pearls stuck to the end of each curl.


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Vertical Mardi Gras Color Makeup

Although we already had this sequence of colors shown above, this makeup is softer, yet retains the festive factor. Almost like a three colored rainbow, the colors spread above and below the eye, making it a truly fun Mardi Gras makeup.


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