Top 10 Firecracking 4th Of July Sweets

No 4th July can go without some excellent firework display. It is, simply put a suitable ending to a day filled with good food, good company and good old fashion fun.The bright dance of fleeting colors on the night sky is breathtaking and loved by people of all ages. That is the icing on the cake when celebration of the US independence. And everyone wants to join in the fun, with lots of sprinklers, firecrackers and other similar noisemakers.

Playing with firecrackers is a lot of fun and the kids absolutely love them, but at the same time they are a real nightmare for the parents. On Independence Day the danger of kids and even adults  injuring themselves while handling even the smallest firecracker goes through the roof. And how can you take away the kids’ fun firecrackers without suffering through some whining or temper-tantrums? By replacing it with something else that kids love even more- sweets.

By mixing up pop rocks in your sugar-filled goodness, you get not only a tasty treat but a fun feeling of fireworks in your mouth that will make the kids forget all abut those dangerous firecrackers. So, make sure you include these top 10 sweets in your patriotic dessert menu and have a happy popping 4th of July.

Firecracker Bark



Well start with something easy, like this chocolate bark. Keeping in line with the patriotic red white and blue, use a white chocolate mixture for your base and sprinkle it with red and blue pop rocks. If you’re on a picnic, this hard sweet will last the whole day unless your kids get to it first.

Patriotic Berries



This is a quick, easy and most importantly healthy 4th July treat. This is perfect for a last minute dessert and the it will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also refresh you on this hot July day. A great combination of sour, sweet and crackly.

Pop Rocks Mousse



Now, you wouldn’t expect a dessert originating form France in a list for US patriotic sweets, but hey, this one’ with white chocolate cream and pop rocks really good. You can serve this popping tasty dessert in glass jars, finally finding a use for those tiny baby food jars. It is a great picnic treat.

Firecracker Cookies



Every plain white cookie can be turned into a patriotic treat with some red and white pop rocks mixed in. So, if you don’t want to experiment, just add the pop rocks in your favorite cookie batter or for a faster solution use cake batter to make cookies. They will be delicious and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Firecracker Push Pops For Fourth Of July



Everyone loves a good moist cupcake, but it is not exactly a good sweet for a picnic. Sometimes it simply doesn’t survive the trip to the picnic area no matter how you pack it. Unless, you turn it into a push pop. It is a great and tidy way of enjoying the cupcake flavor and the kids love it.

Pop-Star Cookie Pops



Make these red, white and blue sandwiched stares filled with pop rocks for your 4th of July celebration. Put on a stick and with a cute label as well and you have yourself a sparkling tasty and fun patriotic dessert ready to serve and eat no matter where you are.

Patriotic Pop Rocks Jello Shots



Celebrating 4th of July with your kids and friends is great, but sometimes the grown ups can’t get a single bite from the treats because of the kids. But, here you have a treats that is only for the grown ups and it’s not only sweet but it is also spiced up to get you in an even better festive mood.

Firecracker Cupcakes



A firecracker is fun because it makes a lot of noise and there are a lot of them everywhere on 4th of July. Make your very own safe firecrackers that are as fun if not more, because the only danger these pop rocks filled cupcakes pose is to make you a bit fatter.

Candy Poppin’ Bottle Rockets For The Fourth Of July



These rockets will be a hit not only for the forth, but for every day and every party. With a straw, some pop rocks, round gummies and airhead candies, you can create some sweet sweet candy rockets that kids and grown ups will go nuts for.

Exploding Star Cookie Stackers



For our last recipe we suggest the firecracker cupcake harder cousin, the exploding cooie stalker. The concept is the same, the only difference being that here you fill hard cookies instead of the soft cupcake, making t perfect for those who like extra crunch in their sweets.

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