We all love to see and smell fragrant, beautiful, blooming summer flowers. You can easily bring this summer cheer to your home by growing your own. Planting flowers can be as much fun as they will be to enjoy later. Furthermore growing plants in your garden is an excellent way to help the bees survive in your area. Here are some great suggestions you can choose from.

1. Marigold

One of the most cheerful flowers for our garden is well known Marigold. Warm yellow and orange colours will brighten up our home surroundings. Marigolds are a must for your summer garden. They need a lot of sunshine but are very easy to plant and maintain. They are also beneficial companion for our vegetables since they can be a great protection against some pests, especially snails.

2. Gloriosa daisy

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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Gloriosa Daisy is more commonly known as Black Eyed Susan. It is perfect flower for the summer With bright yellow and orange colour will make your garden more lively. Plants grows from 3 to 4 feet tall and they attract bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds.

3. Dahlia

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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Beautiful symmetrical balls will bloom throughout the summer making your garden look mesmerizing. You can choose among many vibrant colors like pink, red, yellow etc. Different kinds of Dahlias have slightly different needs and they grow to different heights and sizes.

4. Lavender

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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Lavender is perfect choice for summer because it loves the sun and the heat. This fragrant easy to grow flower will, besides beautiful violet colour, also bring relaxing scent to your home. Lavender will protect you against some annoying insects, help you sleep, make your food taste better and many more.

5. Sunflower

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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Sunflowers are the plants we are all familiar with and often using their products in cuisine. You can admire them while passing their fields but you can also plant them in your own garden. They can grow extremely tall that means they can also serve as a great shade for your vegetables. Sunflower is a perfect flower for the summer as it can tolerate both dryness and heat.

6. Gloriosa Lily

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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This gorgeous upwards growing plant with very interesting flowers is really easy to grow. Gloriosa Lily is a vine and therefore perfect choice when the space is limited. You can grow these beautiful flowers in large containers which means they can be perfect even for homes without gardens.  They just need sun and a little weak fertilizer. Be careful though because the plant is poisonous if consumed.

7. Aster

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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If you are looking for a flower that will bloom from spring through fall, Aster is a perfect choice. The name of this tender plant means star in Latin and you can find it with purple, pink and white flowers. Make sure though to keep the spent flowers regularly picked.. Another great fact is that Aster flowers can withstand the heat, are low maintenance and attract butterflies.

8. Zinnia

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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The zinnia flowers are truly breathtaking. They will brighten up both, your garden and your day. They do best in full sunshine so they are great for the summer but they bloom even in the rain. Try to plant them in varieties of colors. Zinnias attract butterflies and they will start blooming in just a few weeks.

9. Hibiscus

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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Hibiscus is a real summer flower, well known for a presence in a hot climates. Plant blooms in different bright colors but it is most known for a red one. The flower is well known for a positive health benefits. Many people use it as a tea but during summer can also serve as very refreshing cold beverage.

10. Purple Coneflower

Top 10 Flowers To Grow In The Summer

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This attractive flower grows unbelievably fast. The coneflower also known as Echinacea spreads very easily so make sure to leave enough space around her. Once blooming, will attract birds and butterflies to your garden. Plant prefers well-drained, sandy soils. Purple Coneflower is used in a pharmacy because it is supposed to be strengthening our immune system.