Tired? Too many working hours? Everything you need to keep your body moving and do all the daily functions is a properly balanced diet that includes food that will boost your energy exactly when you need it. If you are sick of being tired, stop complaining and do something about it. And don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about chocolates or burgers, we are talking about healthy food rich in nutrients, so you don’t have to worry about anything. After a while you will be amazed of the results and you will even have time for the gym. From seeds to veggies, we have prepared top 10 foods for energy boost that will make your day much better.

Goji Berries


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Goji berries are great and can help increase your metabolism and can boost your energy levels. You can always carry a bag of goji berries to your office and enjoy them as your snack.

Brazil Nuts


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Brazil nuts are rich in magnesium which your body needs for more energy. Anytime you feel tired, take a handful of these nuts and you will feel absolutely good.



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There is a perfect way to boost your energy throughout food, and broccoli is one of them. They are great for providing energy to the body and are extra delicious.

Brown Rice


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If you like to stay charged all day long, brown rice will do a wonderful job for you. It is healthy and delicious! You can always mix it with various veggies for a great lunch.



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It is important to choose the right food to boost your energy levels up. Lentils are healthy and full with proteins and more important, low in calories. So why not?



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It cleans your body and boost your energy levels. You want to do all daily functions without being tired? Spinach should be on your menu for sure!

Sprouted Seeds


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Sprouted seeds are packed with many benefits and are great choice when it comes to boosting your energy levels up. Eat the right food and you will achieve your health goals.

Sesame Seeds


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Include more sesame seeds in your recipes so you can feel great even after your work hours or the workout session. To have a great source of energy, eating the right food is important.



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Perfect breakfast that will keep you going all day long. It is a natural energy booster and it wont disappoint you. We had it this morning and the results are great!



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We know you are already doing it, but we are here just to remind you that coffee is a great energy booster. Good morning people and we wish you a wonderful day full with energy!