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Top 10 Foods That Blood Type A Should Avoid

People with blood type A are very characteristic and the best for them is practicing vegetarian diet. They have a sensitive digestive system and are difficult to process proteins of animal origin. Therefore, you should avoid meat, dairy products and focus on a diet rich in grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Many find it difficult to give up delicious meals with fries and meat and to replace them with vegetable proteins, but we are here to give you advise what type of food you should avoid  and help the representatives of group A have better health, longer life and more energy and to maintain their line.

People with blood type A are susceptible to certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, so for them it is extremely important to consume food more natural as you can, fresh and unprocessed. For people with blood type A is believed to be sensitive, pay attention to detail, good listeners, inventive and creative. Are you familiar with some of these features and would improve your diet?

Chicken and Lamb Meat


For Type-A, should be prepared for what will likely be a big change in their lifestyle. Originator of this blood type or your ancestors are probably the ancestors of European or Japanese origin. These ancestors were field workers who ruled agriculture and fruit. For this blood type, vegetarianism is your best bet for healthy life. So we recommend to consume carbohydrates coal, fruits and vegetables and very little meat or dairy products. Avoiding meat will improve your lifestyle and of course you’ll have no risk of overweight.

Beef Meat



Type As flourish on a vegetarian diet, if you are accustomed to eating meat, you will lose weight and have more energy once you eliminate the toxic foods from your diet. Many people find it difficult to move away from the typical meat and potato fare to soy proteins, grains and vegetables. But it is particularly important for sensitive Type A to eat their foods in as natural a state as possible: pure, fresh and organic. Beef meat is poison for your body and we advise for blood Type diet could be a spinach salad topped with slices of lean beef and paired with fresh fruit.




Avoid cheese and you will feel better. Dairy foods are also poorly digested by Type A and can cause metabolic slowdown. Type A can tolerate small amounts of fermented dairy products such as yogurt, nonfat sour cream and cultured dairy products. But if you are accustomed to eating cheese, you’ll lose weight rather rapidly in the beginning as you eliminate the toxic foods from your diet. And when you follow our advise, you can supercharge your immune system and potentially short-circuit the development of life-threatening diseases.

Smoked Salmon



Toxins can be extremely potent cancer promoters. The link between dietary nitrates, such found in smoked or preserved meats, is well known. Less well known is the fact that nitrate synthesis within the body is increased nine fold in the presence of E. coli toxin. People who are A blood type are less immune to this toxins and also Fish Meat doesn’t appear to benefit you and you definitely need to avoid smoked salmon and any dairy as you have trouble digesting them due to your low stomach acid content. You must also avoid Wheat based products. Sadly this diet is a bit limited and you don`t have choice to replace.




Unfortunately for those who can’t go past a crusty loaf of bread and butter it may slightly break your heart to hear that gluten is the enemy of Type A and is major factor in weight gain. Grains, breads and pulses are to be avoided for your diet to remain healthy. But since you can enrich your breakfast with soy milk and yogurt and so will have a tasty breakfast and thereby substitute for butter.

Brazil Nuts



Specific foods to avoid are Brazil nuts, Bananas, Indian nuts, wheat and rye. Seeds and nuts should be eaten in small amounts. You can still go nuts for Peanuts, which are very powerful immune boosters It is important for Type A’s to get your food in the most natural form possible and because you lean towards maximizing life through a vegetarian base you can lack protein so really chow down on Pumpkins, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds and Walnuts to assist in your protein levels.  Also Type A’s thrive on vegetable proteins found in Lentils and Black Beans.

Orange,Tomato and Cucumber Juice



Oranges and tomatoes are our enemies. They are poisoning our body in a secret way so you just got result of them. Overweight and bad digest work are the worst thing could ever happen to people who are blood type A. We are here to give you advise for what you really need to avoid and it is Tomato Juice and also Avoid ketchup too! Grapes and Cherries are great, also indulge in Apricots and Figs as many as you like. Seafood and green vegetables are a given on most diets and for you this is no different, so ensure they’re a regular feature in your weekly diet.

Cooked Potatoes



Cooked meat and potatoes are the worst combination that representatives of this blood type can have. After such a lunch that represents health poison will feel like your energy slowly diminishes because the body will exert much effort to digest the food while you will not have any benefit from it.  Also especially potatoes fried fatty foods are excluded from all ways of healthy eating especially applied to the representatives of this blood group.




Blood Type is a marker of individuality and perhaps of personality as well. Mushrooms are something you need to avoid in everyday foods, or at least be less represented in your diet. Proteins containing mushrooms are good for your health but impair your body and they can enter through other types of food.




Fresh tomatoes are available year-round, with the peak season from June through September. The most succulent, flavorful tomatoes are those that are “vine-ripened,” usually only available in specialty produce markets. Unfortunately, such tomatoes are very perishable so markets always carry tomatoes that have been picked green and ripened with ethylene gas or in special warming rooms. Blood type A people are less immune to this toxins then other blood type so it is essential to avoid this kind of vegetables.

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