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Top 10 Free Placemat Patterns and Tutorials

The table cloth is not so used anymore. It is more practical and looks better when we put placemats on the table for every single person. The problem with the table cloth is that you have to be more careful not to spoil it because you have to wash it.

With the placemats, your table is not fully covered, and if some piece of the food falls on the table, you can clean it in a minute without turning on the washing machine.

In this article, you can find ten free patterns and tutorials for DIY all different placemats. Some of them are sets together with napkins, but it is all up to you to decide if you want to make sets or just placemats.

Sew It Yourself



This is one of the easiest ways to make placemats in just a few minutes. Just choose your favorite color and start making it.

Colour Blocks Placemats and Napkins



This tutorial will show you how to make color blocks placemats with napkins that are going in pairs. Colorful and fresh. We are so in love with these!

Straw Placemats



If you ask us, we will use these for spring and summer. They are so summery, aren’t they? And the colors remind us of the sun, beach, sea! Dinner for two at the beach!

Olive’s Placemats



These placemats are purposely made smaller for teacups, coffee cups, or snacks. We like the idea of flowery placements. Perfect for afternoon coffee in your garden with friends.

Quilted Hexagon Placemats



Okay, this is one of our favorites. They look so unusual and unique. And the combination of the colors (dark grey, blue, and pink) is more than perfect.

Reversible Cloth Placemats and Napkins



This tutorial will show you how to make this beautiful set of cloth reversible placemats and napkins for any season. You can make pairs for all members of the family.

Table Setting Placemat



This is one of the most interesting placemats we have ever seen! Very creative. You have a place to put the plate, the fork, the spoon, and the knife. And for the glass of water or whatever you are drinking, we suggest making small circle placemats from the same material.

Out to Eat Placemat



Wow! This is so practical. You can bring it with you wherever you are going to eat. Just wrap and tie it and take it with you. It also has a pocket for your dinner set.

Scrappy Whole Cloth Placemats



Nice one. Simple design with different colors and designs on the edges. We choose the green one.

Patchwork Placemat



This is so cute. It looks like a puzzle too. For girls, this one is a great idea. But for boys, you need to change the color and design. Choose pictures with cars, footballs, and astronauts, while the polka dots may stay.

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