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Top 10 Fun and Easy Nail Tutorials

Are you bored with your nails being in one color all the time? Then, you need to change something, and we have the right inspiration for you! With the little help of your imagination, different colors, and some tools, you will have beautiful art on your nails, that no one’s eyes can’t miss.

Follow these easy tutorials, copy the ideas, or just be inspired by them, whatever you do we are sure that the results will be amazing and the process will be a lot of fun for you. Let your imagination work, find free time and goodwill, and work your magic on those nails! Share your results with us, and tell us which one impressed you the most!
Have fun!

Plaid Nail Art


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To get this lovely Scottish-inspired design easy and super simple you need stamping. This design looks quite complicated at first but it is rather simple. Prep your nails and paint them with a nude skin color varnish. Once the base varnish is dried, it is time to become a designer. Use white and black nail polish for the stripes that create the plaid. Starting with the white once first using a stamping plate and repeated the procedure with the black pattern transferring it into your nails. It looks like you covered the nails with a plaid pattern but indeed it’s nail varnish.

Water Marble Nails


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How complicated this design looks? But, in fact, takes 5 minutes to have this nail art done. All you need are three different colors of nail polish (of your choice), a glass of room-temperature water, and a topcoat to finish your nails. Once your nails are prepped, in a glass filled with water add few drops of the nail varnishes you chose. With a toothpick, you can create and guide the polish into the design you want. Then, dip your nails in the water and repeated the procedure with the rest. Apply top coat at the end and your nails are ready!

Captain America Design


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For this nail design, you might need a little bit more time and patience than the previous two. Perfect for all Americans, especially on the 4th of July! Or for those who love Captain America or simply find this nail art lovely as we do. To stay in the theme, get your red, blue, and white nail polish. First, paint all your nails alternating red and blue varnish, one after another. With a thin brush draw the stars in white, and with a toothpick or dotting tool start applying the dots. Once dried, apply top coat.

Striped and Floral Nail Design


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Not everyone can execute this design but why not trying or getting inspired to create something similar. Super summery and flowery art stolen from the facades in Santorini. Here, the base of your nails should be sky blue, followed by white stripes, and pink with purple shades of nail polish for the flowers. If you find the drawing hard and complicated you can alternate with stamping; you will save your time and your patience too.

Panda Nail Art


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Animal-inspired prints are super cute and fun! These panda nails are so adorable that surely you will take the attention of many. For the panda design, use white and black nail polish and a dotting tool to create the head, the eyes, the ears, as well as the little nose. Apply top coat on those nails you finished. For the bamboo-inspired nails, paint them with black varnish and with a stencil or a stamping tool using green-colored varnish, create the bamboo plants. Secure the design with a top coat too.

Fun Nail Design with Holo


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The final effect on this nail art is amazing. Start with applying silver diamond nail polish on all your nails. Once you let it dry, start creating the horizontal white stripes using straight tape. The tape should not be very wide to get as many lines as possible. And for the black anchor design, use a stiletto stencil. The colors here are optional as in the previous arts we shared; however, to get the holo effect, make sure your base is a bit glittery.

Colorful Nails with Stamping Art



Another summer nail design that will not take half of your day. Stamping is an amazing tool that creates and transforms the nails into a 3D effect. It all depends on your stamping plates. For this design, you need a flowery one. Cover your nails with white as a base and start adding different colors onto your stamping plate. Transfer it to your nails and repeat the same process on the rest of your nails. The shimmery nail polishes will add more shining effect, comparing the matte finish. The choice is yours, in summer the colorful the better!

Fun Flower Design


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Elegant, classy, and super fun nail tutorial. The choice of colors in this design are adding elegance without overdoing it. This style can be worn even if you work in an office dealing with meetings. Portraits elegance and style! A nude creamy color is used as a base; for the white flowers use a small brush and start drawing cute designs. To outline the flowers use a black varnish creating super thin lines where your flowers will outstand the fade. You can have all the nails in floral art or combine by painting some in one color.

Ice Cream Nail Design


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Welcoming summer and having the temperature raising, all we think on those hot days is a way to cool down. Isn’t an ice cream the first thing that pops into your mind? This essential frozen dessert inspired many to create ice cream nail art. Starting by creating the cone of the ice cream using a brown base and a nude varnish for the crisis cross lines. Using pastel hues for the ice cream design and multicolored lines on top assembling sparkles.

Watermelon Nail Design


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Carrying on with a dessert/fruit theme, these super cute watermelon nails are a great design to have for summer. This is another easy procedure that mainly requires absolute precision rather than a drawing or artistic skill. This tutorial uses pink hues for the resemblance of the watermelon, however, feel free to use red shades too. Choose green and white for the outlines near the cuticles and black for the dots representing the seeds.

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