Everyone loves a good laugh and pulling a harmless prank on your friends in one way to do that. On April’s fool everything is allowed and since it’s just a few days away, you need to make sure that you have your bag of tricks ready to go. But you might have noticed that some of your pranks haven’t worked on your nearest and dearest, since they know you so well. So this April’s fool day try fooling your friends and family with food. When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes as much as with our mouth. Meaning that what we see predetermines the expectation we have for a certain food. So, when we see a piece of cake, we don’t expect to taste salty fried ground beef. That is just one of our Top 10 hilariously tasty foods for April’s fool. Bon Appetit.

“Chocolate” Meatloaf Cake With “Strawberry” Potato Frosting

After every meal, everyone is looking forward to the delicious dessert, unless they are your dinner guests on 1st April. This cake looks positively delicious, but not in the way one would expect. The filling is a delicious meatloaf while the topping is mashed potato dyed pink. Serve a piece to everyone and just wait for their first bite.


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Say Cheese

Cheese and crackers are one of the most common snacks when you have visitors, but what do you say about candy and cookies? Well, it may sound like something you’d give to kids, but not if you serve them like this. Turning vanilla tootsie rolls into cheese slices and golden Oreos sprinkled with green sugar into cheese spread, will be one sweet sweet snack for your quests.


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Chocolate Broccoli 

Despite being very healthy, not to many people can stand the taste of raw or even boiled broccoli. So, imagine what their expressions will be when they see you bringing a platter of chocolate covered ones? Pure disgust, no doubt. Have some fun convincing them to try one of these “broccoli” tootsie rolls and cookie mixture.


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Chicken Nuggets Recipe

How about some chicken nuggets without the chicken meat? No, this is not a vegan variation of that crispy, golden chicken nugget, but something even better. Make these yummy pound cake nuggets covered in sugar with vanilla pudding dipping sauce and dig in.


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KFC Fried Chicken Bucket And Sides

You will never get a KFC order this delicious. Every piece of the KFC dinner is perfectly replicated into one amazing dessert. For example, the drumsticks are made from rice krispies, marshmallows, peanut butter and pretzel sticks. Sounds fun to make and its even more fun to eat.


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Delicious Egg Over Easy 

Be the first one to do a prank on April’s fool day with this breakfast prank. Offer your family or roommate to fry the eggs, but instead serve this: a perfect fried egg look-a-like, made from coconut milk, cornstarch and peaches in syrup. They will still have a nutritious breakfast, just nt the one they were expecting.


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Spaghetti & Meatballs

Pasta is a dish that can be made to satisfy everyone’s taste, but one thing that pasta is not good for is dessert, unless you make it like this. For this deceiving treat you’ll need cupcakes, frosting, strawberry preserves and chocolate hazelnut truffles. True, no pasta is used for these spaghetti and meatballs and unless you look very, very closely, you will never know the difference.


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Sweet Sushi

Sushi is a savory seafood snack and can also be served as appetizers, but if you want a god sushi fr April’s fool or for a Chinese themed kid’s party, you might want to skip the raw fish and dried seaweed sheets and go with this far sweeter version of faux  seafood menu, where the sushi is made from mini Swiss rolls, yogurt sticks and fondant.


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Chocolate Pudding Potted Plants

Here is another great prank that will confuse even your most observant prank-targets. Mask the dessert of chocolate pudding as a potted plant. You can even place it on the table during the dinner as a decorative centerpiece and just tell everyone to serve themselves when the time for dessert comes.


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Grilled Cheese Lunch

For our last food prank, we offer you the grilled cheese lunch. This prank need almost no effort at all to prepare, but it will definitely earn a double-take. Pound cake for the grilled slices of bread, cream cheese to mimic the melted cheese and once you toss in some orange candy slices and green Sixlets candy as carrot and peas, you’ll have a full April’s fool lunch.


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