New year’s eve is coming, and we are so impatient and excited for that. We have less than a month to get ready, and you sure know that it is not that simple to pick the right dress, the right shoes, where to celebrate, with whom and co.
But almost every woman leaves the hair style for the last minute, which leads to indecision and hesitation, and that can spoil your whole evening.
We don’t want that to happen to you, so we give you hairstyle ideas that will help you find your inspiration for the new year’s hairstyle, whether it is casual straight or wavy, or you want something more glamorous and unique, just look at this 10 pictures and we hope you find the one that you wanted! Good luck!

1930 Inspired Waves

1930-wavesTutorial via

Mermaid Waves

mermaid-wavesTutorial via

Loose Braided Updo

loosy-updo-braidedTutorial via

One Side Braided Low Pony Tale

one-side-low-bnTutorial via

Glamorous Ballerina Bun

gorgeous-ballerina-bunTutorial via

Loose Low Bun

loose-low-bunTutorial via

Center Part Straight Hair

center-part-straight-hairTutorial via

Finger Waves

finger-wavesTutorial via

Curled Ends

curl-the-ednsTutorial via

Crown Braid

crown-braidTutorial via