If you want a tattoo, but you are not sure whether to do it permanent, you always have henna here! Henna is great way to do a temporary tattoo, in whatever place or form that you want. It is first used by the Indian women for some significant celebrations, like weddings. They draw symbols and patterns mostly on their hands and feet, and the great thing is that it doesn’t stay long on your skin, it fades away. But you don’t need to draw their patterns, you can make what ever you want, flowers, hearts, birds, quotes, symbols that you like, just name it. We have here some of the traditional henna designs, and some new inspiring designs. We hope it would be an inspiration for you to get the thing you want to tattoo, just to try how would it look, or to refresh your look with something temporary but cute. What ever is your reason, be sure you be careful and have lots of fun!

Heel Tattoo

feetPhoto credit to sheplanet.com

Beautiful Flower

flower1Photo credit to www.hennabee.ca

Back Tattoo

grbPhoto credit to girlshue.com

Neck Heart

heartPhoto credit to hennabyheather.com

Shoulder Heart

ramo-srcePhoto credit to beautycare365.com

Tattoo Gloves

rakavPhoto credit to girlshue.com

Foot Tattoo

legPhoto credit to sheplanet.com

Shoulder Tattoo

ramoPhoto credit to beautycare365.com

Amazing Hand Henna

handPhoto credit to myweddingnigeria.com

Simple Foot Tattoo

foot1Photo credit to girlshue.com