Now, when summer is officially over, you have to admit that your hair is damaged more than ever. Sun and salt sea water  made your hair dry and dull with split ends. Hair can be damaged quite easily, but it takes a little longer to repair it. Good news is that this problem can be fixed right away  if you start using natural masks and hair treatments with ingredients you already have. Put an end to bad, broken hair and follow our list of top 10 hair treatments for damaged hair. You’ll see the difference in a really short time!

Avocado and Peppermint Essential Oil Mask

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Protein Mask with Eggs and Yogurt

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Egg Yolk Hair Treatment

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Avocado and Banana Conditioner

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 Avocado, Mayonnaise and Coconut Oil Mask

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Banana, Egg and Avocado Hair Mask

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DIY Hair Thickening Mask

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Milk and Honey Mask

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DIY Moisturizer

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Lemon + Chamomile Mask

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