First dates can be tricky and tough, but they are completely romantic. For girls, going on a first date is always a little bit stressful, because we all know that first impression is everything. First dates bring a lot of dilemmas, like what to wear, what to say or which hairstyle to choose. One thing is clear, you’ll never be wrong with a simple, romantic hairstyle. In this list you’ll find 10 romantic hairstyles with instruction how to make them. These gorgeous ideas with a touch of romance will keep you looking lovely long past midnight and you will definitely charm your guy!

Romantic Bun

fb7febfba3b5f9fa081104a1a8526248Tutorial via Rachel Park

Romantic Braided Hairstyle

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Romantic First Date Hairstyle

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Sexy Curls

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Side Braid

c93200360ced76eed39516ffdcaa3123Tutorial via Mira Granger

Twisted Ponytail

bec116847426efb9040d29b97176bb23Tutorial via silia sisi

Romantic French Twist

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Brigitte Bardot Hairstye

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Romantic Waves

DIY-Romantic-Waves-HairstyleTutorial via