If you are beer lover, than you should be happy to hear this – your favorite brew may be healthier than you think! Apparently beer makes you live longer!
Now while drinking it you can be sure that it is doing well on your organism.
Some recent research shows that beer can be good for many health purposes, from reducing risk for broken bones, to helping warding off diabetes and mental decline. It can even increase longevity, a large study suggests. So call your friends sooner, and arrange a fun beer party, and enjoy the benefits that it is providing for you. Cheers!

Stronger Bones

stronger-bonesTutorial via redorbit.com

For Stronger Heart

stronger-heartTutorial via cocktailsg.wordpress.com

Healthier Kidneys

Healthier-KidneysTutorial via huffingtonpost.com

Brain Health

Brain-HealthTutorial via redorbit.com

Reduce Cancer Risk

Reduced-CancerTutorial via beforeitsnews.com

Boost Vitamin Level

boost-Vitamin-LevelsTutorial via ilovefreebeer.com

Guarding Against Stroke

Guarding-Against-StrokeTutorial via mnn.com

Reduces Risk For Diabetes

Risk-for-DiabetesTutorial via thedailymeal.com

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood-PressureTutorial via 100toplist.com

For Longer Life

for-longer-lifeTutorial via nydailynews.com