Top 10 Homemade Acne-Scar Treatments

Acne is one of the most troublesome skin disorder. It is not only painful at times but can even spoil the beauty of the face. But something worse than acne is acne scar. Acne scarring is something that many people have to deal with. The reality is that it’s really hard to get rid off acne scars, but with a little effort and patience you can make wonders. The best thing for these problems are homemade acne-scar treatments which hold many benefits over more drastic procedures. With these treatments the skin isn’t peeled away or sloughed off with harsh chemicals or painful wire brushes. Also, natural acne-scar treatments are easier on your wallet and that’s why we’ve made this list. All you have to do is to combine your regular skin-care routine with homemade natural scar treatments, and you can expect to minimize the appearance of your scars and show off skin that is clean, clear and radiant.

Olive Oil Massage

Olive-Oil-MassageTutorial via

Citrus-Based Treatments via

Honey, Cinnamon and Nutmeg Treatment

20e9ec60f02280adbafd1075146e339eTutorial via

Cucumber Facial

Cucumber-FacialTutorial via

Treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar

apple_cider_vinegar_image_title_kminrTutorial via

Ice Massage

Ice-MassageTutorial via

Strawberry Mask for Acne Scar Treatment

8107737_f520Tutorial via

Honey Mask

Honey-Mask1Tutorial via

Oatmeal and Lemon Juice for Acne Scars and Blemishes

DIY-Homemade-Face-Mask-for-Removng-Acne-Scars-and-BlemishesTutorial via

Egg White Mask

Egg-White-MaskTutorial via

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