Top 10 Homemade Olive Oil Beauty Products

For many years, olive oil was used as a number one beauty product which has so many beauty benefits for you skin, hair and body. In the past, this magical product was really expensive and it wasn’t affordable for everyone, so only the high-class families were able to have it in their homes. But, the good news is that today olive oil is far more affordable than it was before. Therefore, using olive oil, and a few other household ingredients, we can recreate many beauty products which were enjoyed by individuals such as Cleopatra,  in the privacy of our homes. So you don’t have to pay for expensive cosmetic anymore, because here is a list of Top 10 Natural Homemade Beauty Solutions with Olive Oil. Make some of these products and enjoy all of the benefits that olive oil has to offer!

DIY Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_01Recipe via

DIY: Homemade Berry Lip Balm

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_02Recipe via

DIY: Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_03Recipe via

DIY Olive Oil Body Softener

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_04Recipe via

DIY Beauty: Olive + Sugar Lip Scrub

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_05Recipe via

DIY : Olive Oil Hair Mask

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_06Recipe via

DIY Olive Oil and Brown Sugar Exfoliating Treatment

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_07Recipe via

Luxurious Aromatherapy Milk & Olive Oil Bath Recipe

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_08Recipe via

Easy Solid Perfume

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_09Recipe via

DIY Olive Oil + Honey Mask

natural-diy-olive-oil-beauty-poducts_10Recipe via

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