This hot and healthy drink, made by dry goods, has a magical taste and it warms up your soul in a second. Tea is especially popular when the weather becomes colder. Everyone likes to drink something hot and healthy, but in the same time, tasteful beverage. You can make many kinds of tea, from different kinds of fruits, various herbs, chamomile, mint, lime tree and many more ingredients. Also you can drink hot tea and eat specially cooked tea biscuits or tea-cakes. I have made for you a list of top 10 hot tea recipes that are my favorites too. So warm up your body in the cold and beautiful nights that are coming, or throw a super tea party with your friends with these wonderful ideas. Warm up!

Hibiscus Tea

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Orange-Ginger Green Tea Latte

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Cinnamon Tea

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Chamomile Lavender Tea

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Cranberry Spice Tea

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Homemade Flu-Fighting Tea

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Chai Tea

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Sweet Honey Mint Green Tea

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Hot Orchard Tea

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Cranberry-Raspberry Ginger Tea

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