Hollywood is full with so many gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and most of all – sexy people. This is a place where beauty and talent mix. But to be honest, every girl is mostly interested in famous male actors, singers and sport players. Seriously, what would we do without these sexy celebrity men who are as much a part of our fantasies as they are of reality!? Here’s our tribute to the top 10 Hottest Celebrity Men who are handsome and talented at the same time. It was almost impossible to include everyone’s favorites to this ultimate list of sexiest celebrity men alive, but we did try. Enjoy the view and let us know if anyone is missing from this list?!

10. Ian Somerhalder

hottest-male-celebrities_02Photo credit to mdmujer.com

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

hottest-male-celebrities_06Photo credit to Kapree Edwards

8. Channing Tatum

hottest-male-celebrities_05Photo credit to Tori Hawkins

7. Justin Timberlake

hottest-male-celebrities_08Photo credit to Afonso Braga

6. Orlando Bloom

hottest-male-celebrities_09Photo credit to debb-befamouss.tumblr.com

5. Chris Hemsworth

hottest-male-celebrities_01Photo credit to K Miller

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

hottest-male-celebrities_03Photo credit to Mrs Leduc

3. Stephen Amell

hottest-male-celebrities_04Photo credit to buzzfeed.com

2. Chris Pine

hottest-male-celebrities_071Photo credit to Lara Núñez

1. George Clooney

hottest-male-celebrities_10Photo credit to stylepolice.tumblr.com