There is something about old books that makes you keep them and not  just throw them away even though they are not readable anymore. Books have sentimental value and it’s not easy to get rid of them.

We all have a bunch of books that we needed in some point in our life but now they are useless or outdated. You can give them a new look instead of boxing them up and putting them in your basement. Make something unique and beautiful.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with those old books, so they can still be useful and part of your home decor. We have picked ten new looks for you, which won’t require a lot of time but will give a little spark to your place.

Bookshelf Made from Used Books



Give your wall a new look using old books to make shelf for the new ones. It’s easy and you can make your choice for the colors and their layout.

Table Lamp



You can now use your old books to make a unique and beautiful table lamp that can fit in every room in your home. The books are loose and you can arrange them whenever you like.

Pencil Cups



Book pages can be easily used for making  pencil cups. Just take a couple of books, draw some circles, make holes in them and there you go. You will have awesome pencil cups for your desk. You can always experiment with the shapes and the amount of them.

Book Christmas Tree



Holidays are coming. So why don’t you use your old books to make a new and interesting Christmas tree? Just arrange them properly and it’s done. You can always add lights and make it look even nicer.

Storage Box Made from Book



Keep the cover pages and make a hole in your old book. You can use  it now for keeping some stuff inside. It is an excellent way to hide some things that you don’t want to be find.

Purse Made from Books



A bit  of an extraordinary idea for making a purse out of your old book. You can use the cover pages of your favorite book and wear it everywhere with you.




A piece of furniture made from old books can be your next project. You can also use a pillow and two leather belts to make it more firm.

Book Planter



For decorating your home or your garden you can use your old books that have more consistent covers. Just make a hole inside the book, put some ground and your plant.

Book Markers



You can easily make a bunch of book markers from your old books. You can use the covers or even the pages inside the book.




Another piece of furniture that you can make with your old books is an awesome table. Just glue the books that you have selected for the table and allow the glue to dry. It is your choice if it is going to be a high table or a bit lower.