If you’re a fan of pretty, shiny things, then you’re going to love this collection of crafts. It’s a great way to repurpose aluminum foil and use it to create art, instead of just for wrapping food. It’s a supply that you always have in your home and it’s a great material to use for really inexpensive projects. If you want to give something a metallic look, this should do the trick. Although some of these crafts may not be the easiest to do and might take a little patience, we promise you it will be worth the trouble. Use your imagination, experiment a little and you can achieve wonders with this simple kitchen supply. Here are a few unique ideas to get you started.

Copper Leaf Bobeches

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_02DIY Tutorial via marthastewart.com

Glittery Foil Icicles

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_03DIY Tutorial via belladia.typepad.com

Aluminum Snowflakes

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_04DIY Tutorial via suzyssitcom.com

Christmas Ornaments

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_05DIY Tutorial via diymaven.com

Foil Drawings

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_06DIY Tutorial via artclubblog.com

Foil Letters

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_07DIY Tutorial via fromgardners2bergers.com

Foil Artwork

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_08DIY Tutorial via scdesign.typepad.com

Aluminum Foil Bead Bracelet

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_09DIY Tutorial via letscreatecrafts.com

Nail Art

ideas-shiny-aluminum-foil-crafts_10DIY Tutorial via craftynail.com