Every girl when little dreams of her wedding. The prince charming, unconditional love and a fairytale. What we most dream about is our wedding dress. Is it gonna be long, short, what kind of hair should follows it, if we gonna look just perfectly on our perfect, long waited day? We will. Just because we are going to be happy. Fashion and trends are changing constantly, and with generations wedding traditions are changing as well. We want to fit the dress with who we really are, since this is gonna be the day to remember for good. So, topinspired has done some work so you can at least get the idea of how you’d love to look. Don’t be ashamed if you have nothing on your mind, because everybody need some inspiration. And we hope what we prepared here is gonna be yours. Take a a look on our top 10 wedding dresses, get some ideas or even copies, and please do send us a picture when it’s all done. Good luck and congratulations!


How unusual and sexy at the same time this dress is? The lace falls perfectly on the upper side of the body, while the skirt gives it a sophisticated and classy look. We love this one!


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Every girl, woman about to be, deserves to be spotted on her wedding. This dress won’t take away that from you. The skirt is very glamorous and loud and it balance with the corset that is just right for this combination.


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Little White Dress

Who said the wedding dress has to be long? If you are having a spring/summer wedding by the beach, why bother if your dress is shorter than usual? It suits the environment, you’d be more comfy and most of all, you’d be different. You groom will just adore you this way!


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Romance In The Air

If you are a romantic soul and you want to be YOU on your wedding day, this dress is what you are looking for. It is very classy, romantic and lovely. Isn’t it all about love and you two? It really is.


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Stylishly Wild

Call this your veil. It looks just fabulous! A white lace dress, open enough on your shoulders area and this “veil” will make you look seductive more than ever before!


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How about this tricky dress? It looks amazing and simple and as all of the dresses above, different than usual wedding dress. It is a vintage dress and if you love vintage, even your wedding could be in that theme. Explore and be unusual!


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Traditional All The Way

Since you were a little girl, this might have been the picture in your head. It a traditional wedding dress, all white, simple, with a veil on the top of your head. You can have add-ons such as hat. Whatever you choose when it comes to the traditional, you can’t go wrong!


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How about little simplicity here and there? As we have suggestions for loud dresses, this is probably out of that league but hey, there is something for everyone. You can show some skin, backless or sleeveless and be ready to enter you world of two.


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Black And White Add-Ons

It doesn’t necessary has to be all white. You can add some diamonds or even buttons, or really, whatever goes with your sense of fashion and what makes you feel best. We suggest this dress because of its open back in unusual way!


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Brake Rules For A Better Luck

Why not looking like you’ve just took the cover of Vogue? Classy, fabulous, sophisticated, fashionable. You will feel beautiful and that is exactly how you should feel on your wedding day.


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