Make your pencils look more fun by adding interesting toppers to them. They’re not hard to make, and look really cute. It may not be the most important thing to have your pencils styled up, but it’s the little things that make you happy, right? Make it a craft project for you and your kids, and who knows, maybe they’ll be more motivated to do their homework while scribbling with their new, fun pencils. They’re also a good idea to keep in mind for teacher’s appreciation week, it would be a perfect gift, and it’s even better because it’s handmade. Take a look at these choices for our top 10 favorites, just follow the instructions and have fun crafting!

Monster Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_01DIY Tutorial via

Dr. Seuss’s Thing Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_02DIY Tutorial via

Snowman Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_03DIY Tutorial via

Flower Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_04DIY Tutorial via

Love Struck Pencils

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_05DIY Tutorial via

Felt Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_06DIY Tutorial via

Foam Sheet Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_07DIY Tutorial via

Pinwheel Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_08DIY Tutorial via

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_09DIY Tutorial via

Scrap Canvas Pencil Toppers

interesting-pencil-toppers-you-can-make-yourself_10DIY Tutorial via