One of the biggest challenges of designing or renovating a kitchen is the fact that kitchen go out of fashion very quickly and abruptly. Yesterday’s top of the art kitchen is today’s rubbish in many ways. The design itself is reinventing itself ever so often and the technology makes yesterday’s appliances completely obsolete. Designing kitchens that will stand the test of time is a great idea that can save a lot of trouble in the future as well as money.

1.  Stick to classic design

Contemporary means it will only stay such for a limited period of time. After contemporary comes “outdated”. When it comes to classic designs and classic color schemes it is always a safe bet because they don’t get outdated; yes, old time classics can go out of style too, but the chances of that are lower.

2. Aim for high end appliances

Kitchen appliances do get old quickly in comparison to past generations but it’s not like the technology is in this field is booming. Refrigerators have been maintaining the same style over the past 10-15 years, as do ovens, as do most of other kitchen appliances. If you would be buying high end appliances today you will probably not need to replace them over the past 10 years. If you will buy used or old appliances, they may look outdated in a year or two.

3. Use a home warranty

If you reside in the USA and building a kitchen or renovating it you should be considering using a home warranty like the one offered by Complete Appliance (which happens to be specific to home appliances). This will help you keep future spending in check if these appliances or systems will ever be broken for a set amount of up to $50 a month.

4. Make sure you have a neat organization of the setup

If you would remodel a kitchen in a state of a disarray you are bound to make mistakes that will defy the purpose of this process. Before you start making decisions you need to make sure you don’t have anything in your kitchen that is disposable or that should be placed elsewhere. Designing a kitchen only to discover one component of it needs to be replaced is anyone’s worst nightmare.

5. Make sure what’s labeled as kid friendly is indeed

If you are designing, renovation or remodeling a family kitchen then you main concern is safety. You do not want want to endanger your family in any way by just complying with the labels. Each and every component you add to your kitchen needs to be tested by you to verify it is indeed safe for children. With that being said, design-wise, don’t try to make your kitchen too family friendly as your children will grow up and be less appreciative of a very naive design.

6.  Make sure you are sticking to standard conceptions

One of the best ways to verify your work will stay relevant in coming years is sticking to design conventions. Odd angles, weird heights, shiny colours can all be very cool today but will look absolutely outdated after a bit of time has passed. Whereas a standard kitchen designed in the same way kitchens have been designed for the past century, are less likely to appear “uncool” all of a sudden.

7. Consider the island

Is an island absolutely necessary to allow you kitchen to function better? If not, then you should consider consider that even though it appears like kitchen islands have been with us since forever, they are in fact a current trend which is not necessarily going to be as popular 5 or 10 years from now.

8. Plan landing spaces wisely

Next to each appliance you will need a bit of free space. You do not want to tighten up all appliances and systems too closely together because over time heavy appliances get a bit of an angle and so do wooden floors. You want to give your kitchen enough flexibility to move a little bit if need.

9. Stone countertops

Countertops tend to look old and worn very quickly if you are using the wrong material. Using rock-solid stone can be a great way to make the countertops looks as new in 5 years from now.

10.  Invest money in plumbing job

One of the things that can totally wrack a brand new kitchen and make it appear lifeless is water damage, which is a super common kitchen fault. Invest good money into plumbing today to save heartache in the future!