If your goal is to lose weight, yes, of course you need to pay attention on your diet and exercise, but have you ever heard about these simple and not so perceptible tips which can really work on your diet plan? Eating from colourful and smaller plates will change the number of your calories you bring in your body daily. At the beginning this will seems so strange to you, but after few weeks it will become you habits and when you’ll see the results you will be very thankful.

Eat Off of Blue Plates


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We are naturally drawn to red, yellow and orange in our dining area or restaurants because psychologically it stimulates us to want to eat – and eat a lot. If you put your food on blue plates it can cause you to eat less.

Eat Eggs for Breakfast


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People who eat eggs for breakfast lose more weight, body fat and inches from their waist than those who eat the same amount of calories in the form of a bagel. The higher protein content of the eggs helps you stay fuller, longer and leads to eating less throughout the day.

Put a Big Fork in It


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You’ve heard that eating from smaller plates can help you eat less, but did you know that using a larger fork can do the same? When diners are served smaller meals, fork size don’t affect their consumption. So next time you’re order a super-sized entree, ask for a bigger fork to help you eat less. And while you’re at it, stop when you’re satisfied – not stuffed.

Turn Off The TV


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You know you probably shouldn’t, but sometimes you eat in front of the TV or computer. But do you know how much it affects your waistline? To lose weight without major sacrifice, power down your TV, computer or smart phone during dinner and concentrate only on your meal.

Fill Your Small Plate


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To eat less, load up your plate – but only once. To reduce your intake even more, use a smaller plate. People who served themselves using smaller dishes ate up to 60 percent less.

Focus on the Future


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Feeling positive about the future, rather than focusing on the past or present, is more likely to lead you toward a healthier snack. Instead of rewarding your happiness with a candy bar in the moment (or eating one for comfort), focus on the future outcome (like a healthier, lighter you) so you’ll make better choices in the present.

Add Fruits & Veggies


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Weight loss doesn’t always mean cutting down on things. In fact, adding in more fruits and vegetables helps you stay fuller, longer, with less calories and more nutrition. To lose weight without feeling hungry, eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables with every snack and two with meals.

Taste the First Four Bites (then Move On)


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Many dieters get so bored with bland “diet” foods they end up eating more of them to feel fulfilled. Instead of eating for quantity, focus on the quality of your food. You may notice that the first few tastes of the food are the most satisfying – your taste buds are on high alert. Buying small quantities of high quality food and concentrating on taste will help you savor small bites.

Eat Only in Designated Dining Areas


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Eat only in the food-appropriate areas of your home like at the kitchen or dining room table. Sitting down at the table to eat (instead of in the car, standing at the kitchen counter or sitting at your desk) means you are more likely to focus only on eating and pay more attention to the visual cues that help us decide when we are full.

Keep Serving Dishes Off the Table


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If portion control is the key to weight loss, then the location of your food matters as well. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” rings true! If you’re trying to help your man drop some pounds, this practice of plating up food at the counter before sitting down to the table help men eat 30 percent fewer calories.