If you are an eye glass wearer, than you know that you have to be careful with the eye make-up. The glasses already draw the attention to your face, so you have to keep your make up tidy, defined and perfect. It’s not true that if you put makeup it’s a waist of time and it will hide behind them, just do it the right way and everyone will see your best feature. Don’t have concerns about the mascara, if it smudges and brushes against the glasses – use waterproof mascara and curl nicely the eyelashes. If you want to wear strong colors, we recommend to do it by making an optical illusion wearing the correct color lipstick. You should keep the blush and the bronzer at minimal. While you are applying your make-up, take your glasses on and off, to see how your make up matches with them. We hope you find these make-up ideas useful!

Rounded Glasses Make-up

71Tutorial via style.com

Red Lips

redTutorial via annamarie.tumblr.com

Natural Pink Tutorial

2Tutorial via eyeslipsface.com

Earth Colors Make-up

91Tutorial via maskcara.com

Cat Eye

61Tutorial via diyfashion.com

Evening Look

41Tutorial via letsbeacoustic.tumblr.com

Light Blue Liner

101Tutorial via clumpsofmascara.com

Smokey Eyes

52Tutorial via beautylish.com

Strong Lip Color

7396011600_2e24509469_b1Tutorial via keikolynn.com

Perfect Eyebrows

1Tutorial via yourhairbeauty.com