If you like reading books, you’re going to love these bookmarks you can make yourself. Never forget the page you were on and have nice bookmark to mark it, not just a plain piece of paper or a folded corner that ruins the book. They are easy to make and so cute, they will be like little decorations for your books. There is a range of different styles you can choose from and you’ll have fun making it. Make more than just one, and you’ll have a thoughtful gift for your fellow book lovers. Which one of our round up do you like the most?

Bookmarks with Charms

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_01DIY Tutorial via meandjilly.blogspot.com

Mustache Bookmark

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_02DIY Tutorial via viciadas-em-livros.blogspot.com

Ruffled Bookmark

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_03DIY Tutorial via funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.com

Bookmark Tassels

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_04DIY Tutorial via projektila.blogspot.fi

Heart-shaped Paperclips

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_05DIY Tutorial via howaboutorange.blogspot.com

Yarn Ball Bookmark

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_06DIY Tutorial via designmom.com

Bead Bunny Bookmark

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_07DIY Tutorial via smallforbig.com

Bookmark Mice

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_08DIY Tutorial via gitteblinkilde.blogspot.dk

Monster Bookmark

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_09DIY Tutorial via lovethispic.com

Owl Bookmarks

make-your-own-bookmark-tutorials_10DIY Tutorial via gidetvidere.blogspot.no