If you’re looking for something new and exciting in your makeup routine, and if you are bored with the ordinary  one or two-colors makeup, our suggestion is to use the beautiful blue color.
There are hundred ways to use the blue eyeliner, range of infinite shades of this color, dark, light, flashy, neutral. All you need to do is picture the look you want in your head and go looking for the perfect shade.
You can use it all over the eye, only at the water line, on the upper or on the lower lash line, in inner eye corner. It can look good for day makeup, use just a little bit of color, to open up your eyes and to make them more visible. For the night time makeup you can let your imagination work, play with the colors and be generous, as long as it is not too-much. Look unique and eye catching with this amazing color on, and leave everyone breathless.
Which one is your favorite look?

Blue on The Upper and Lower Lash Line


Tutorial via eyeshadowlipstick.com

Blue Party Makeup


Tutorial via ladiesgallery.info

Bora Bora Inspired Makeup


Tutorial via world-of-makeup.com

Electric Royal Blue Eyeliner


Tutorial via monroemisfitmakeup.com

Extended Blue Eyeliner


Tutorial via acaciobrindo.blogspot.com

Lamb Blue Eyeliner


Tutorial via beautyeditor.ca

Blue Cat Eye Liner


Tutorial via fashion.ifeng.com

Blue Eyeliner On Lower Lid


Tutorial via drugstoreprincess.com

Strong Daring Blue Eyeliner


Tutorial via glamour.com

Blue Only at The Waterline


Tutorial via madamnoire.blogspot.com