Hey there nature lovers! Are you ready to feed your eyes and souls with sights you’ve never imagined you can see?
Ranging form river flows, high mountain tops up to astonishing beaches, this Mother Earth has certanly given us countless sights to enjoy in. And not to mention the whole color palette they are painted with. I’ve selected the top 10 for you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Do not forget to pick up your favorite one!

Sunset In Halifax, England

Sunset-In-Halifax-England_01Photo credit to amazingsnapz.com

Whirlpool, Leutasch Gorge, Bavaria, Germany

Whirlpool-Leutasch-Gorge-Bavaria-Germany_02Photo credit to Rey Jankowski

Multicolored Reflections – Huesca, Spain

Reflections-multicolored-Spain_03Photo credit to efferra.com


Horizons_04Photo credit to Phil Koch

Reine, Norway

Reine-Norway_05Photo credit to Christian Bothner

Bay of Smoo Cave Near Durness, Scotland

Bay-Durness-Scotland_06Photo credit to followthewestwind.tumblr.com

Kerala Rice Fields Sunset

Kerala-Rice-Fields-Sunset_07Photo credit to Romain Mattei

Breathtaking Green

Breathtaking-green_08Photo credit to weareallcrazy.tumblr.com

Tuscany, Italy

Tucsany-Italy_09Photo credit to teaintheafternoon.tumblr.com

Girona, Spain

Girona-Spain_10Photo credit to a-treasure-trove.tumblr.com