When the Christmas Bells are belling then for sure winter season is in the city. While the winter visits the town and Christmas is soon in all of the metropolitan cities the ice rinks are being installed. Many of them with a super lightening around they are like a perfect place to be.

If you want to spot the best ice rinks in the world you need just to follow the text below. If you visit one of this magical Christmas spirit places then for sure you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.

1. Somerset House Ice Rink – London, UK



The Somerset House is located at the City of Westminster. During the winter time starting from November till the end of February you can enjoy the most perfect ice skate ring in the UK. With it colorful lightening it look alike a real life fairy tale and a perfect location to spend time around Christmas. The Ice Rink at the grand courtyard at the Somerset House is around 900 meter square and it is the biggest in the UK.

2. Rathaus Rink – Vienna, Austria



In the beautiful royal Vienna right in the city center next to the city house of Rathaus is located the super huge and magical ice skate in Austria. This famous ice ring welcomes guests starting from January to March and it is a very popular tourist attraction. There are various outdoor booths and bars when you can find any kind of food and drinks. Enjoy a lovely night in Vienna while is winter season.

3. Red Square Rink – Moscow, Russia



In the beautiful Russia the ice skate is a very famous sport. Since their childhood almost every Russian kid learned how to skate on ice. In the city center in Moscow right at the Red Square in November it is installed the most beautiful ice rink in Moscow. With an romantic lightening it is a perfect place to spend an evening while in Moscow around November to March.

4. Trocadero Rink – Paris, France



Imagine if you could ice skate and have a magical view over the super iconic Tour Eiffel, well this is possible only while you visit the ice rink at Trocadero which is located right opposite of the beautiful tower during the winter time. Many locals and also tourists enjoy this beautiful place while it’s winter. With the lightening, the Christmas spirit and the beautiful Tour Eiffel behind it is like a pure wonderland.

5. Wollman Rink – New York City, NY


Via grandamericanadventures.com

This Ice Rink is super famous around the world. Seen in many movies including the famous TV Show Gossip Girl this ice skate rink has gained such a big publicity so everyone who visit the city while its winter just go to see this spot in the central park. Beside the ice skate also you can enjoy the super iconic beautiful park with such a views when it is covered with snow. It is a life time experience and worth to visit.

6. Palm Ice Skate – San Diego, California USA


Via blog.sandiego.org

Ice skating while the sun is shining? Well even this is possible while you are in the sunny California. The beautiful sunset over the beautiful San Diego and the lovely ice skate rink is the only place in the world where you could ice skate while you watch the sunset.

7. Royal Pavilion Ice Rink – Brighton, UK


Via whitehousebrighton.com

If you want to skate like in a fairy-tale then the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink in Brighton should be your next destination during the winter season. The lovely ice rink with it’s lightening will make you feel like you are a part of an Aladdin fairy-tale. This beautiful Ice Skate Rink is open from  November and it is open till January. Also here there are being served nice drinks and also food.

8. Canary Wharf – London, UK


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This modern Ice Rink is located into the business district of the City of London the Canary Wharf. Beautiful between the lovely glass building with the blue-purple lightening it is look alike magical place. A fancy restaurant is serving food and drinks in the Ice Rink and for those who are not skating there is an outdoor terrace from where they can watch the ones on the ice skate. Enjoy your winter night in Canary Wharf.

9. Le Grand Palais de Glaces – Paris, France


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The Grand Palais is a magnificent architecture design built back in the 1900. It serve as a public building for cultural events for years, Since 2013 every winter season starting from December to January here it is installed a beautiful ice rink in which adults and children are spending time together.

10. Rockefeller Tower – New York City, NY


Via pgl.co.uk

In the beautiful New York City during the winter time, ice skating is a really popular sport and the tourists around the world really enjoy the beautiful skate rinks in there. Beside the ice rink in the Central Park, New York is offering another ice rink in the city center. Just on the door of the iconic Rockefeller Building every winter season you can find the super famous Rockefeller Ice Rink which has been part of many movies which had winter set in New York City.