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Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

We must all admit that when we see a person with blue eyes we immediately find ourselves more attracted to him or her. Blue is such a vivid color that people who have that type of colored eyes look very youthful, charming, and adorable.

That is why blue is the most popular color when it comes to portraying people. With their sharp look, they can warm you up and cool you down at the same time. That is simply amazing! Below you will find 10 portraits of women, men, and children that will leave you breathless!

The Long Haired Brunette With Blue Eyes

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It is not true that brunettes with blue are a rare thing, as it is rather common and not that unusual. According to many surveys also, men tend to prefer brunette with blue eyes. Sorry blonds. Only looking at the stats. But whatever your hair or in this case eye color, you are beautiful! One has to say though that the combination of both her eye color and hair complexion, plus a superb shot by the photographer put this one in our number one spot.

The Perfect Eye Shadow

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An extraordinary photograph was taken of a beautiful African American lady, with even more extraordinary blue eyes than most. Yes, it does exist, as long as there is a little white ancestry in the bloodline, even a tiny percentage in the DNA will do just fine. After all, we are who we are. Let’s embrace it. Beautiful example shot by a super talented photographer that possibly split into a makeup artist also, creating a lovely eye shadow complimenting the skin tone and of course, the eyes.

The Blue-Eyed Boy

Photo by Darie C’

A handsome little one this one! Strawberry blond, freckles, blue eyes, and a look to remember! Powerful photograph of a boy with a grunt in his blood. We would wish him all the success, but we believe it’ll naturally come! We will be on the lookout to see the evolution of this little prince. The innocence in his eyes mimics the blue skies and turquoise waters from the most exotic of places on Earth.


Photo by Joel Santos

Well, getting older we believe it’s experience. Think back to when you “knew everything” in your teens and early twenties. So yeah, experience is everything. And this photograph is so powerful that it leaves you with the idea of standing in front of the man, for hours on end. No talking, just mesmerized by all of the things he would have seen deep into his remarkable deep blue eyes. What a contrast. A super handsome man some might say with a character like none.

Little Girl With Perfect Blue Eyes

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It one of the most adorable and pure photographs we came across. It really shows you the simple beauty and also shows you that no mass amount of makeup makes you any more beautiful. Natural is new, and should always be the new beautiful. Light little brushstrokes then that’s that. We can clearly see the beauty of her eyes illuminating the entire shot.

Life Through Her Eyes And Wrinkles

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Beauty comes in every form, shape, size, and, of course, age. We will all get there with a little luck on our side and must respect our elders. Imagine the things they have seen? Imagine how little you know even if you swallow dictionaries for a living. The picture illustrates almost every year of their living through their natural wrinkles and eyes. Like a tree, the trunk of the tree has so many layers and “tree wrinkles” which one can exactly pinpoint its age. Powerful look of a beautiful lady well into her prime having done her fair share for the world.

Ginger Girl Portrait

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Both blue eyes and red hair are recessive traits so the likelihood of both traits appearing together is actually pretty slim. This is on top of our list for being a fabulously taken portrait, with the wind rushing through her hair seamlessly. Powerful look putting forward the rarest eye to hair combination. In theory, and here goes a fun one for you, you are more likely to get struck by lighting than coming across a person with red hair and blue eyes.

Girl In The Shadow

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Playing with shadows can create emotions ranging from happy to sad with a sense of depth attached to it. It almost feels as if you are looking into a black hole, being attracted to it until your deep inside is lost forever! We see but we don’t see her. We might never recognize her away from the shadow. There is a true sense of mystery within the photograph capturing her blue eyes, freckles, and possibly, brownish-red hair. Mesmerizing.

Vogue Brazil Cover – June 2009

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Born in 1983, Isabeli Fontana is a fashion model best known for her work as Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, her multiple appearances in the Pirelli calendar. She also made the front page of the Vogue magazine, being one of the most famous, world-known magazines for women. Not too shabby really. But no wonder why. This blue-eyed beauty queen put blue eyes on the map once again also thanks to her gorgeous looks.

Blue Eyed Woman Smoking

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Beautiful contradiction photograph. We love this one. It has taboo, yet beauty, style, and deepness all in one shot. The spectrum ranges from sexy to slightly rough on the edges but let’s face it, we love a blue-eyed person whomever they are, look like, and do. They really can get away with a lot! Jealousy has no purpose! Stunning shot of simplicity with yet so much character. The eyes are seductive, and so is the way she blows smoke out of her mouth. Rather feline.

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