Life is better when is painted with vivid colors, don’t you agree? Well, for some places on this Earth, you don’t need to put your pink glasses on in order to be amazed. They are so colorful that they makes you think you’re not in the reality, but in a tale designed by the most creative and opened minds. I have selected the top 10 places you will love to visit if you are one of those people who lust to escape from the reality. And to tell you the truth, I don’t doubt that there are many of us out there! So, what is your next destination – Poland, France, Portugal or Italy? Bon voyage!

Ebeltoft, Denmark

fheltoft-denmark11Photo credit to

Cologne, Germany

germany11Photo credit to

Agueda, Portugal

Beira-Litoral-Portugal11Photo by Patrivia Almeida

Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic

mala-strana-prague1Photo by Edgar Barany

Tokio, Japan

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Venice, Italy

venice1Photo credit to

Montreal, Canada

montreal-canadaPhoto by Jackie Rueda

Wroclaw, Poland

wroclaw-poland1Photo by Pablo77 – Shutterstock

Provence Village Of Menton, France

francePhoto credit to Martin M303 – Shutterstock

Burano Island, Italy

italy-1Photo credit to Baloncici – Shutterstock