We are totally obsessed with these buttery, crescent shaped French pastry! Sour, sweet, croissants are literary melting in your mouth. And the homemade are always the best. How about some mini croissants?

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They are cute, tasty and great for serving at dinner parties, kids birthdays, brunch and any other occasion. This is why we are sharing The Top 10 Most Delicious Mini Croissants Recipes with you today. Enjoy!

Sinfully Easy Chocolate Croissant Recipe

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_01Recipe via  inspiredtaste.net

Mini Spinach Vegan Croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_02Recipe via  justeatlove.com

Croissants with egg wash

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_03Recipe via  priyaeasyntastyrecipes.blogspot.com

Fig and Goat’s Cheese Mini Croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_04Recipe via  theculinarychase.com

Galaxy Desserts Mini Croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_05Recipe via  williams-sonoma.com

Mini Baked Brie Roll Ups

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_06Recipe via  inspiredtaste.net

Mini Croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_07Recipe via crumblycookie.net

Croissants for an Old-Fashioned Tea Party

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_08Recipe via daringbakerduluth.blogspot.com

Sourdough croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_09Recipe via  bitterbaker.com

Quick and Delightful Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Croissants

top-10-most-delicious-mini-croissants-recipes_10Recipe via twolovesstudio.com