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Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge

Life on the edge is simply a passion the adrenalin junkies can’t live without. It’s like a drug – if they don’t get their adrenalin shot from time to time, their life is simply not worth it.

Although it seems unacceptable and irrational for most of us, you cannot feel their lust for excitement if you are not keen on it. Have a look at our selection and try not to feel the excitement! Would you try something like this at least once in your life?

Extreme Walking


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One morning you wake up and think to yourself, today I will walk hundreds of meters up, a line between two rocks measuring no longer than a thumb width. The adrenaline must be absolutely insane and the sensation like no other. The sense of freedom one might feel being man versus nature. The equipment is there should a fall happen attached to the zip-line itself but still, what a moment this would be to go from A to B without falling. If you cannot stand on one leg for more than a minute, do not try this!

Climbing Everest


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Lovers of a good hike and snow – Everest is still on the top 3 mountain peaks to reach in the world and the tallest mountain in the world for that matter. No wonder why it attracts so many testing their skills and nerves to the fullest to climb an almost astonishingly high 9 kilometers up. One must be totally insane but we understand the attraction. Once in a lifetime trip but one that is, regardless of how one is prepared, extremely dangerous and life-changing if anything was to go wrong.

Extreme Biking


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A fabulous sport testing both endurance and nerves. Some of the dirt track terrains are incredibly testing to anyone even the most advanced of extreme bikers. No copilot here. You are on your own to judge every obstacle as fast as microseconds making beyond last-minute decisions. Often, trees are there tunneling your vision as one can go as fast as over 60 kilometers an hour if going downhill. Small and large rocks can detour your initial trajectory making you unbalanced with extra possibilities of something going wrong. Many jumps excite which can make a biker jump super high in the sky, then expected to land on the ground and still maintain balance and control of everything. Impressive.

Extreme Skiing


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For us, this goes in a similar category as extreme biking, but this time you are in sub-freezing temperatures with equally uneven ground and unknown territory if one was to go hors-piste. Cliffs are here to welcome you before the jump which hopefully one remembered. One is also surrounded by trees, large rock formations, and potential wildlife to obstruct the view ahead. Snow is not as predictable as a hard ground which means that someone with total confidence in oneself is beyond important. Incredible sensation hitting the snow at such speeds, trusting in your instincts and experience.

Cliff Water Diving


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From the ground, we can look at a cliff and think yes indeed, this looks ok to dive and doesn’t seem too high. Once on the cliff, however, the sensation of height is like no other. The magical sense of freedom once up there. The only thing in the middle of you and the water is the height and wind. Turquoise water as your jump getting to the midpoint is magical and awaiting to be pierced through by the hopeful very successful dive. Seems easy, but the guts to get up there in the instance is something worth applauding.

Kayaking on the Edge


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For most of us, getting into a kayak is more for getting a good dose of fresh air and to admire the natural surroundings making us in tune with nature once again. The soft natural flow of the water makes us go forward steadily, with the odd rock and odd few seconds of speed sensation is more than enough. But for others living life on the edge, it’s all about big waterfalls, high speeds, and quick eye reaction, and quick reflexes to make sure the kayak stays afloat. An incredible heart racing situation for any sensation junkies.

The Suspension Bridge


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Might not be as frightening or daunting as jumping thousands of meters high into oblivion, but the idea of dangling hundredths of meters high and held by a walk bridge is nerve-racking! Especially if one dares to look down. Magnificent views and a feeling of flying into the clouds. The danger is always present and therefore does deserve to be within this list.

Rock Climbing


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One of the most exhausting, incredible hobbies/sports known to mankind. The fatigue is next to none and one that cannot be compared to anything else. One has to truly be on top of their fitness and have a strict calorie intake with years of training behind. It is dangerous to anyone not truly prepared physically and mentally for some of the most daring climbs of a lifetime. Some say that once you achieve a super pass yourself from this kind of climb, one does rarely go back up to the same intensity as it really does take everything out of you.

Scuba Diving


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A fascinating dive into some of the most beautiful riffs under the sea is a truly memorable experience. Swimming along with marine life takes us to such a different dimension that one can hardly explain. Professional divers can dive hundredths of meters under sea level and experience a unique feeling of being alone in one of the most hostile places. One has to truly brace themselves for one-of-a-kind dive that will forever change the outlook of what is down there.



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Between 12,000 and 16,000 feet for most mortals is a possibility to jump from a small plane into absolute emptiness, the biggest thing on our planet. Going down with speeds up to 100 kilometers an hour from temperatures as low as -40 degrees is surely unique. One has absolutely no fear of heights due to the simple fact that our brain cannot measure the depth from the plane to the ground and therefore cannot allow us to be frightened. However, one does get fast heart palpitation! Brace yourself for the best thing one can ever do in life.

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