Mother’s Day has a bigger meaning than we think! Being a mom means being employed for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. It’s the hardest, biggest and the greatest job in the world that every real woman wants to experience once in a lifetime. There are mothers of all kinds… mothers who decided to spend the whole time with their children, single moms and moms with a career and there are those who adopted. Every one of them deserves a full respect! We’re thankful for the roles they play in our lives and because we wanted to show them how much we appreciate what they do, we’ve made an article where we’ve gathered Top 10 Most Inspiring Sayings for Mother’s Day. Check out our list, these saying are unique in their own way, they show deep emotions and they surely deserve your attention. Enjoy!

#1 Mother’s Day Saying1-Mothers-Day-Saying


The first quote here speaks about motherhood in a real way, with all the things that comes with it. Every woman who experienced it will understand and will find her and herself in this amazing quote!

#2 Mother’s Day Saying



It’s really scary how time is passing fast and our children are growing older before we notice it. One day you’re holding their hand and the other they’re getting married or leaving the house to experience the life on their own… Enjoy in every moment with them, it’s priceless!

#3 Mother’s Day Saying

One more quote that speaks deeply about motherhood and all those hard moments mothers are faced with. Being a mother isn’t easy, so show all your love and care for her not just on Mother’s Day, but to any other day too!

#4 Mother’s Day Saying


Did you ever experience motherhood? If yes, then you know what this saying is talking about. In the past sometimes you’ve been annoyed by your mother’s care, words or behavior, but today you know that she mined well and that she did all of that for you and your best. Hug her on Mother’s Day and say ,,Thank You!”.

#5 Mother’s Day Saying



Mother is always giving what she has without expectation that she’ll receive something back! Your mother probably sacrificed many things about your happiness without your knowing. Don’t let any day pass by without showing some love for her and all she has done for you!

#6 Mother’s Day Saying



No matter what, our mother has been always here for us. She is a parent and a best friend on whom we can count all the time. There is no evil or hidden intentions in her words and thoughts and that’s why we adore her so much!

#7 Mother’s Day Saying



This is one of our favorite quotes of all for two reasons. First, those words bring tears in our eyes and second, the picture above is a big inspiration for you to make something like this to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day, because she truly deserves it!

#8 Mother’s Day Saying



The connection between mother and child begins much earlier, even before the child is born. It’s a real, innocent love at first sight that can’t be compared to any other. That’s the longest love that lasts forever!

#9 Mother’s Day Saying



Before being a mother you probably haven’t been aware of how much strength you have inside of you and with how many fears you’ll be faced with. Now you know that you need a lot, not just for yourself, but for both of you!

#10 Mother’s Day Saying



At the same end one more quote that speaks about the beginning of love between mother and a child. It’s so true and so inspirational, not just this quote but all the above we’ve included in the article. Mother’s Day is really special event that anyone should respect, but let make this holiday happen every day, during the whole year!