Photography books are wonderful source of inspiration. It is so relaxing to flip through the colorful pages of these books and get blown away by the magical World that surrounds us.

Every year many great photo books get published in several different categories such as street photography, photo journalism, nature, portraits, black and white or collections of individual photographers. There is something out there for everyone. 

Keep your favourite photo book on the coffee table of your living room or in your study and you will never get bored of looking at those amazing shots. It is a great idea for amateur photographers to keep a photo book from ones favourite photographer in the suitcase while traveling. It is always the best way of staying motivated. 

We have selected ten of the most amazing photo books that will brighten the sometimes dull weekdays!

1. Life: A Journey Through Time by Frans Lanting


Photograph by Frans Lanting 

World renowned wildlife photographer, Frans Lanting takes us on an amazing journey of the evolution from the beginnings of time until today. The book is a collection of 175 color photographs, captured around the globe from remote Western Australia, through the Amazon rain forests to fascinating micro shots. Click here to read more or to buy.

2. London Street Photography



A great collection of photographs of more than 70 photographers. Some of them well-known like Humphrey Spender, Paul Martin or John Thomson, while other contributors are remain unknown. The book takes us through the streets of London starting in the years of 1860 up until today. 

3. South Southeast by Steve McCurry


Photograph by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry world-renowned, award winning photo journalist finds inspiration in South and Southeast Asia. The book is his portfolio with some of his well-known images such as the ‘Afghan Girl‘ (see above), powerful portraits and classical images. Click here to order. 

4. Fish Face by David Doubilet


Photograph by David Doubilet

The collection of 30 years career of David Doubilet, one of the greatest underwater photographers. Doubilet brings us closer to the fascinating marine life with his close ups of colorful coral reefs, manta rays, great white sharks and other beautiful underwater creatures. Click here to order.

5. Famous: Life Through the Lens of the Paparazzi



A collection of stunning black and white images of celebrities, movie stars, models, rock stars and royalty. The book includes photos of such icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Michael Jackson, and Kate Moss.

6. World Without Men by Helmut Newton 



World renowned German-Australian photographer, Helmut Newton known for provocative shots focused on female nude as a photographic subject. For many years he was working and living in Paris working for French Vogue, and later Playboy and Elle. This collection has the best of his work, including his texts and anecdotes. 

7. Magnum Magnum by Magnum Photographers



A book from the most legendary photography agency, Magnum Photos with its iconic images from the past 60 years. With over 400 color and duotone photographs it is an outstanding collection from the world’s most renowned photographers as they see the world, through their critical eyes. Click here to buy or read more.

8.Vanishing Act by Art Wolfe



A fun and informative photo book by the legendary wildlife photographer Art Wolfe. His main photography subjects are the environment and indigenous culture. He educates the viewer with his art by showcasing fundamental survival techniques of nature. Click here to read more about his book.

9. Black & White by Bruce Davidson



Black and White is an extensive collection from Bruce Davidson the celebrated Magnum photographer. Containing images from his career of 40 years focused on New York the book is a powerfully documenting the social change. 

10.Robert Capa: The Definitive Collection


Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Robert Capa the Hungarian-born legendary documentary photographer of the 20th century was the founder of Magnum Photos besides Henri Cartier-Bresson. He was documenting some of the most catastrophic and dramatic events of the century, and also he was photographing some of the greatest artists like Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. This photo book is a collection of 937 photographs selected by his brother Cornell Capa.