Top 10 Nail Polish Summer Trends for 2016

Manicure and pedicure are one of the essentials of every women’s style. Just like the make up, the nail designs have their own styles and trends every season. Every summer as the fashion styles changes in the same way the manicure styles change. When it is summer as usual the fresh and neon colors are total in. For this summer the most wanted nail design according to many nails studios are, colorful design, neon design, sailor design but with different colors then white/blue, many florals and etc. If you are a nails design lover and you want you perfect designed manicure and not just one colored plain nail polish then maybe one of this 10 proposals will be your choice or at least an inspiration for your summer manicure.

1. White and Gold Combination 



,If you never thought about making a combination of glitter gold, plain white and beige color then this photo is a perfect prove that that these three colors are perfect match. This summer season this three colors are totally in. You might combine them in very different ways. If you want to have the same nail design as on the photo you need a glitter gold nail polish which you can get in every beauty store, and the two basic nail polishes white and beige. To have a better effect you should finish with top coat which will give the perfect shine in the end.

2. Floral Design



Florals are also in this season. You can have this combination in every color. The rule for this design this year is that the flowers should match the nail polish on your other fingers and the flowers basic should be white nail polish. For the nail design like on the photo you need beige, blue, white and black nail polish. For the floral design start by painting your nail plain white then use the doting tool for adding three dots blue nail polish, then easily slice to the center of the flower. Add the black dot in the center and your first flower is done. Make the same procedure for every other flower and in the end finish with top coat.

3. Marble Nail Design



Marble stone nail design are total in this year. They have been popular since last year but this year even more. If you want your manicure to be unique then this is the perfect technique for you. This marble nail art technique is for guarantee the only one which will be different whenever you will do it. Start by painting your nails plain white then take a cup of water and add the colors of the marble you want to have and scroll and mix the colors with toothpick. The choice is very big but for a better effect you should use nudes colors, black, very light blue and light grey.

4. Neon Colorful Design



If you can not chose which neon color to put on your nails then what about the idea of having your colorful neon nails. If you want neon nail design like the one from the photo then you should start by buying all the neon colors in the next beauty store. Also you will need a nails square stickers and black nail polish. You should start by painting you nails with the the black nail polish. Then add the borders of the squares sticker and start by adding each neon color in every square. The only thing that will need to do after the nail polish will get dry is to remove the sticker and to enjoy the view of your perfect nail design.

5. Sailor Design



Sailor nail design is in every summer season as usual but this season it will be in but in different colors than blue white and red. Make you sailor design with neon colors such as pink/white, yellow/white or maybe orange/white. If you want to have the nail design like on the photo then you will need neon pink nail polish, white nail polish, glitters and stickers. Start by painting the plain nails with white and pink neon nail polish. Then make the stripes, add the glitters and in the end paint the sailor sign. For a better instruction you can watch the video that is left as an attached link.

6. Pastel Galaxy Nails



Dark galaxy nails were total in this last winter but they also have their summer version as well. The pastel galaxy version is a super summer manicure. If you want to try this combination you will need pastel colors nail polishes and a sponge. Start by painting your nails with pastel purple color and then with the sponge add from the other colors by tapping on every each nail. Finish you perfect galaxy manicure with a glitter top coat. If you want to watch the whole procedure there is a YouTube video link at the bottom of the link which is attached on our photo.

7. Ombre Nails Art



For sure you have already seen a video of making ombre nail design. Colorful ombre with glitters is a total in this summer. For this nail design you only need sponge, pink, purple and light blue nail polish. First paint you nails blue and then add on your sponge stripes of pink, purple and blue nail polish. Tap on every each nail and repeat the procedure until you will have your perfect ombre effect. Finish the look with glitter top coat nail polish for a better and nicer effect.

8. Pink & Orange



Pink and orange are such a nice combination which is perfect for summer time. This two colors are total match with gold na white. If you like this specific and super modern combination then you will have to buy glitter gold, white, neon pink and neon orange nail polishes. Also you will need gold studs, dotting tool, striping brush and a top coat. If you want a full instruction of how to do it this nail polish yourself then open the video from the link below the photo.

9. White Plain Nail Polish



White plain nail polish manicure is in almost every summer season. This so simple manicure is really nice for summer time especially after you got you perfect bronze tan. This plain simple white nail polish can match almost every outfit. This iconic white manicure will always remains as an one of the best manicures for the summer seasons.

10. Neon Color Design



Fresh colors are in during the summer season in the fashion for clothing, in the make up world and of course in the manicure world. Neon nail designs are in this summer as well. If you want to have the nail design like on the photo you will need pink neon, white and black nail polish. Also you will require striping brush and a top coat. The same combination will be perfect as well if you are using yellow neon instead of pink neon nail polish.

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