Nail presentation is really important for your personality. Not so much for the art, as it is showing off how you really do take care of yourself and how important is for you to always be in order. There are many situations when people notice your nails and how you treat one part of your body. While holding a glass of wine and toasting, while shaking hands with people or even explaining something. We all do notice your nails. The fun part is that you can have it in many shapes, colors, prints. You can do all you want with them. Here, we suggest you top 10 nail design ideas that might be just right for you and your style.

Purple Nails


Purple is a very passionate color and you can do it all purple or even prints of purple. Combined with black or other darker color, we would suggest this print for winter and colder days.

Spring Time Fun


Here, you can literally add as many colors as you want. This watermelon print is exactly what could bring you from spring to summer, and every time you look at them, you will crave for some watermelon as well. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Valentines Day Nails


We all prepare ourselves for this day and we should pay attention on our nail art too. Whatever you do, don’t forget it is always fun to add a heart on at least one of your nails. Your love will notice it and he’ll know it’s made for him.

The Illustrated Nail


If you are one of those graphic designers or architects, your nails must be a bit more inventive than everybody’s else. This is fun, illustrated and matches whatever you decide to wear.



We are talking to all Barbie girls here. Glitter here, glitter there. Even on your  nails. This is really cool and we suggest you do it for New Year’s or any other holiday. Christmas maybe?

Pink And Blue


Very nice, charming, gentle and girly. If you are in love with this pastel colors, this is a perfect combination. Nowadays, it is in to have more colors on your nails, so use both of your favorite and you won’t be wrong.

Instagram Photo By SeizeTheNail


Exotic in your heart. If you are about to go an exotic island or a holiday, match your nails with the mood you gonna be in. There is nothing nail artist can’t do, so we are sure this will look perfect on you.

Water Marble


Again, these two beautiful colors in a wave form. About to hit the beach with your friends? Match you nails to the sea, but add some other color so it’s more fun.

3D Bow Nail Art


We would go with this one, of there so no much hands using at your work so you don’t end up without the bow at the end of the day. This art brings the princess out of you and  it looks really charming.



Explore a bit more by putting a color and print you never even thought about. This yellow and black bee print it’s really interesting and it’s perfect for spring time and bringing more colors in.