Our hair is the one and only gift of nature that can greatly enhance or diminish our natural beauty. That is why we spend so much time fussing over it, going on regular hair-cuts and spending a small fortune on countless hair products. Still, we suffer from split ends, too oily or too dry hair. Well, maybe it’s time to go back to Mother Nature and try out what she has to offer. Commercially made shampoos are full of chemicals and additives that can do more harm than good for our hair and scalp, but the homemade shampoos are gentler and safer. So, find the one most suited for your hair from our list of top 10 DIY natural shampoo recipes.

Lemon And Cucumber Shampoo For Dry Or Oily Hair


Recipe via loving-it-raw.com

Basic Herbal Shampoo


Recipe via naturallycurly.com

Soap Nuts Shampoo


Recipe via wellnessmama.com

Homemade Shampoo For Normal And Oily Hair


Recipe via instructables.com 

Hemp Shampoo


Recipe via herbalhealthcare-daw.blogspot.com

Herbal Shampoo And Body Wash


Recipe via sustaincreateandflow.com 

Shampoos From Soapwort and Yucca


Recipe via naturalhome-remedies.com

Herbal Shampoo For Itchy Scalp


Recipe via countrymommacooks.com

Herbal Tea Shampoo And Hair Care Products


Recipe via rodalenews.com

Rosemary Calendula Shampoo


Recipe via thenerdyfarmwife.com